FSimStudios Calgary International Airport uitgebracht

Ontwikkelaar FSimStudios, onder andere bekend van Vancouver, Halifax en Edmonton, heeft vandaag Calgary International Airport (CYYC) uitgebracht voor Microsoft Flight Simulator. Deze internationala Canadese luchthaven is gelegen in het westen van het land, op zo’n 17 km. ten noordoosten van het centrum van Calgary. Het is het grootste vliegveld van de provincie Alberta en staat op plaats 4 van Canadese luchthavens qua passagiersaantallen. Westjet heeft haar thuisbasis hier, maar ook Lynx Air is regelmatig op Calgary te vinden.

De scenery is nu o.a. aan te schaffen bij Orbx. Bekijk alle features hieronder.


Airport & City Features:

  • FSimStudios Premium Quality: Extremely accurate and detailed rendition of Calgary International Airport for MSFS
  • Sharp, High-Resolution texturing
  • Fully detailed terminal interiors in piers A, B, C, D and E
  • Realistic night lighting
  • Calgary Tower Included. More downtown buildings coming soon (The Bow, new Telus Tower)
  • Crossiron Mills and New Horizons Mall modeled on approach to RWY17 L/R
  • Fully Detailed Twin Otter manufacturing plant
  • Optimized for excellent performance.

Special Features

  • GSX Profile with animated deicing pads (GSX Required)
  • Air Canada Maintenance Hangars are dynamically animated – doors open and close based on time of the day and weather conditions.
  • Stampede Fireworks Show: During July, from 11PM to Midnight, a fireworks show can be seen on approach to RWY35 L/R
  • Functional VSDG (coming on V1.1)
  • Free Gift: Kenn Borek DC3 Livery
  • Product Configurator, that allows deactivation of static aircraft, ground service equipment and clutter, terminal interiors, etc.


  • Installing World Update Canada is strongly recommended
  • Terrain Level of Detail is recommended between 60-70 for improved performance
  • Object Level of Detail is recommended between 100-150 for improved visuals
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