FSLabs A320-X update voor Prepar3D v4.x uitgekomen

Ontwikkelaar FSLabs heeft de update vrijgegeven voor de Prepar3D v4.x versie. Het volledige bericht is hier te lezen. Na deze update zal het team zich verder richten op de update voor de 32 bits platformen Prepar3D v3.x en FSX. Het volledige changelog is hieronder na te lezen:


– Sanity checks for Prepar3D settings compatibility
– Crash when P3D water = ultra resolved
– Crash when VR menu was selected resolved
– Crash on P3D exit resolved
– Overall fluidity and stability improvements
– Overall performance improvements
– Elevation loader precaching logic added
– Solar library calculation improvements

Panel States
– ADIRUs save logic fixed
– FCU Alt Knob save logic fixed
– DU Knobs save logic fixed
– DU Dimmers default to ON
– Fix for states not loading correctly & various config changes
– Random Fuel loaded on panel state load for C&D/GPU/APU

– Total electrics loss on ground after landing resolved
– CFM spool rate increased
– Engine crank logic improvements
– Fixed Bug where engine fans stopped suddenly when engine start selected
– Start logic fix for when second engine fails to ignite
– Subtle FADEC logic fixes

– Flare mode logic improved
– Autoland decrab fix
– Protection against spd target 0 in EXP CLB with full flaps logic
– ATHR inhibition on ground after RTO until airborne
– Adjusted APPR/VIA listing for non-standard procedures

– EMER CANC button logic fix
– RCL button logic fix
– Fuel HI TEMP logicsheet fix
– Galley fan spurious error condition fix
– CKPT CTL ONLY logic tweak

– Damping added to roll channels to reduce aileron flutter
– Alternate & direct law logic tuning for green & yellow hyd loss (THS frozen)
– Manual pitch refinements

– Reactive wind shear fix for dual FAC detection

Virtual Cockpit
– Pedal Disc label text fixed
– Missing Rwy Turnoff OFF Overhead label added
– Several minor fixes

External Model
– NAV lights now visible at all appropriate angles
– CFM minor fixes
– Several minor fixes

Display units
– Display Unit synchronization logic improvements
– Race condition crash bug fix
– Performance / fluidity improvements

– G LOAD max 5 sec display fix
– LVR MCT message fixes

– Slip / beta transition smoothing
– Heading smoothing
– TRU reference fix

– Terrain radar loss fix
– Compass smoothing
– TRU reference fix

– Fix for value sometimes incorrect on landing

– Engine sounds improvements
– CFM engine sounds reworked
– Missing gear extend/retract and wind sounds added
– Further optimizations to sound infrastructure to improve performance
– ADIRU Mech Horn fix
– IAE Cruise rumble sounds added
– Added nose wheel scrub sounds for when nose gear is skidding
– PA on door arm logic fix
– No smoking sign sound volume increased
– Bump and rattle sound volumes improved
– Several minor fixes

– Alt sel knob pointer now lit
– Baro sel knob pointer now lit
– Fix for manual VS limit correction

2D Panels
– Missing Rwy Turnoff OFF Ovhd label added

– Fix for takeoff elevation when slewing updates
– CAB PR LO DIFF PR logic added
– Abort mode fix

Air Conditioning
– Several fixes for air conditioning logic
– Cargo heat temp sensor logic improved
– New feedback controllers on Ram Air Doors, BPV’s and TAV’s

– Logic improvements

Other Systems
– GND CTRL switch logic fix

– Door open/close on panel state load
– Fix in slide arm logic

Input controls
– Rudder trim key event support added

Dynamic Effects
– New Dynamic Effects including:
– Dynamic engine contrails that vary with atmosphere and time of day
– Dynamic engine spray effects in rain/snow linked to thrust
– Dynamic engine reverser spray effects linked to thrust reverse
– Dynamic engine intake vapour and water spout effects linked to thrust
– Dynamic engine heat haze effects linked to thrust and atmosphere
– Dynamic engine start up smoke linked to oil temperature
– Dynamic landing tyre smoke linked to landing rate
– Dynamic wheel tyre tracks in heavy rain / on grass
– Dynamic wheel spray effects on wet/snow runway
– Dynamic wing condensation effects in fog/cloud
– Dynamic engine strake vortex in fog/cloud
– Dynamic flap vorticies in fog/cloud
– Dynamic rain/snow effects added in Landing / Wing and Logo light beams
– Dynamic in-cloud effects which illuminate with landing lights. (Requires AS16 with ‘Cloud motion effects’)