GayaSimulation developer update

GayaSimulation werkt al geruime tijd aan diverse projecten waaronder de Brussel Airport scenery. GayaSimulation heeft in de afgelopendagen een update gegeven met betrekking tot al haar lopende projecten. Hieruit blijkt dat we Brussel hopelijk nog voor de zomervakantie tegemoet kunnen zien.


So what’s on our To-Do list for now:
1. Mega Airport Brussels – In advance developing.
2. LFLJ Courchevel (new image soon).
3. Genoa X V2 (it was really good success scenery). To clarify- it will be an update, not a new version.
4. ? ? ?

As you can see, we at GayaSimulation focus on challenging projects and you can be sure all will be out according our standarts of quality and performance. We talk about that sensitive balance and we keep it really well (quality-performance).
All above will be out 2017, hopefully before the summer vacations.

A taste of the Mega Airport Brussels groundpoly (WIP as you can see, but we love the results).