Gratis AI Traffic Pack X-Plane v12 (Beta)

Een prachtig begin van dit weekend want dankzij ”Dazzy” kunnen we nu allemaal GRATIS genieten van prachtig wereldwijd (Beta) AI Traffic binnen X plane v12. Het is echt het uitproberen waard. De download vinden jullie hier. Aanrader!





This traffic pack has been created because I was getting fed up with X-Plane’s lack of realistic air traffic and ‘lonely’ ATC, especially when competitors were ahead of the game. It has gone through a number of releases, corresponding with each release of X-Plane itself.

X-Plane 12 brings with it a number of new exciting features, and so this is yet another release of the traffic pack, updated to make use of those new features. In addition, each aircraft within the pack has been updated to ensure maximum performance possible using all techniques available within X-Plane 12.

The aircraft used within this pack were originally designed for X-Plane 10 by the X-Plane Freeware Project (XPFW). Permission was given to me by the XPFW team to ‘take over’ the project and keep all of the pack’s aircraft up to date, and the result is what you see today. I would like to publicly thank XPFW again for allowing me to use their original aircraft. The AI Traffic Pack would probably not exist today if it were not for their hard work and enthusiasm!

The following features are part of X-Plane itself and are not my work. My work is to update the aircraft and ensure that they utilise the latest features of each release of X-Plane where required, as and when they become available. Any features within X-Plane that this pack utilises, that contain bugs are mostly outside my scope and are only fixable by Laminar Research.

The features currently used by the pack are as follows…

• All aircraft have been individually optimised for X-Plane 12’s new ‘AI-Only’ performance features, improving FPS over using the default X-Plane 12 aircraft for AI.

• All AI aircraft will use their own real-world call-signs when interacting with X-Plane 12’s new regional-specific ATC feature. ATC will also response with their call signs. ATC will automatically assign random flight numbers.

• All AI aircraft will be restricted by the same ATC rules as you. For example, if there is a runway change in progress and you are told to stand by, they will also receive the same instructions and will obey accordingly.

• All AI aircraft fully support X-Plane 12’s built-in pushback feature if parked at a gate that supports it (sadly 1.03 has introduced a bug with some of the aircraft – hopefully LR will fix that asap!).

• X-Plane will provide ‘turn-around’ ground services once an aircraft has taxied in (the only thing missing here are that jet-ways are not utilised, but hopefully LR will add this feature to the AI soon!).

• The 767 and 777 spiral dive bug has now been fixed from previous versions. This still needs to be tweaked and fine-tuned to make it even better but both models’ flight dynamics will ensure that the aircraft do not loose control. The 787 is still being worked on and will be included in the final release, together with tweaked 767 and 777.

• All AI aircraft fully support animation features like flaps, spoilers, landing/taxi lights, strobes, gear etc.

• Each AI aircraft has it’s own individual 3D Fmod sounds that are applicable to their engine types, so for instance an AI 737NG will not sound the same as an AI 737 Classic. The sounds of an AI aircraft spooling up and roaring down the runway is a dream for ‘virtual plane-spotters!’. Make sure you turn your bass up! 😁

• Spool-up (actually coming from each individual engine), take-off, idle, taxi, and reverse thrust sounds can be heard on all AI aircraft

• AI Aircraft will utilise X-Plane’s heat haze effects from the engines.

• All AI aircraft will create contrails at appropriate altitudes.

• All AI aircraft will show rain affects from the tyres, as well as smoke affects during touchdown.

• All AI aircraft will create wake turbulence. This will not only affect your aircraft, but other AI traffic too.

• AI Aircraft will accurately respond to the environment – things like crosswinds, wind shear and environmental turbulence – the general rule is that if something affects your aircraft, it will also have the same effect on them too. They will ‘wobble’ during the landing phase for example, as they react to gusts in order to prevent wing drops.

• The AI traffic is real simulated aircraft within X-Plane, not ‘injected’ from outside. This means that they interact with ATC fully, can see you, and can also see each other. Their positions will also be shown on your TCAS systems.

• AI GA Traffic (when the pack is finished – still WIP) will fly circuits and report positions (for example when downwind or on final). You will be told if you are ‘number 2’ in the circuit and will be able to look out for them.

• All AI Aircraft fly using X-Plane’s Blade Element theory so simulation is accurate. For example, if an AI pilot messes up by pitching too high, they can potentially stall the aircraft and will try and recover 😂Note: I’ve never seen them do this but the potential is there!

The install process is fairly easy…

1) Extract the AI Traffic Pack to a location on your hard drive, and then move the ‘AI’ folder into your X-Plane\Aircraft folder, ensuring that the original file structure remains intact.

2) Optional – Load up X-Plane and go to your graphics settings and then turn on the ‘Draw Parked Aircraft’ option. This will fill your airports with static traffic. Some of the liveries may be incorrect for the airport where you are located so this is optional. Personally I prefer to have it turned on as I feel the immersion outweighs this point.

3) On the Aircraft Selection screen within X-Plane, click on the button titled ‘AI Aircraft’ and then click on ‘Add’ to add an AI aircraft from the pack. Select the aircraft type and livery that you want for that region. A total of 19 aircraft can be added, but be aware that these aircraft will be active within your ‘bubble’, and having 19 selected will make the airspace very busy with ATC – you will be lucky if you can get a word in edge-ways at times!

4) Load the simulator up!

If you have any problems that are not already identified above or you need help installing, please reach out on the forums here…



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