Gratis Schleicher AS 33 Me motor zwever voor MSFS

Een slanke dame is de prachtige Schleicher AS 33 ”Me” zeker te noemen. Nu kunnen we allemaal genieten van deze leuke kist dankzij de helemaal onderstaande personen. De download vind je hier.


MADolo Simulations     (3D model, animations and interior textures)
B21            (Custom coding, flight dynamics and sound)
Chris Bullas        (Exterior Textures)

Special thanks: Jonx (without your help this project would never have even started)
        Wiek Schoenmakers, tjburni, RPSims, jetSonic, Lukas, Khero, taykay8888
        All the UKVGA guys for your support
        Anyone else that gave advise along the way, there are far to many for me to remeber them all.


AS 33 Me Microsoft Flight Simulator

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