Indiafoxtecho Aermacchi MB-339 MSFS update uitgekomen

Ontwikkelaar Indiafoxtecho heeft zijn Aermacchi MB-339 voor MSFS een flinke update gegeven. Deze langverwachte v1.2.0 update is nu al automatisch te downloaden via Orbx Central of vanwaar je deze add-on gekocht hebt. Helaas moeten de bezitters die haar via de interne MSFS store gekocht hebben nog een kleine week wachten.


We have just sent an updated MB-339 to all of the vendors: the new package should be available within 24-48 from all vendors except Microsoft (it will probably take a week or so for them).
This is a quite extensive update which covers a many aspects of the aircraft, including sounds and visuals.


This is a quite extensive update which covers a many aspects of the aircraft, including sounds and visuals.
One of the most recurrent complaints on our rendition of the MB-339 was that sounds were not “powerful” enough… we have replaced all the sound effects with better samples and, while they are far from being perfect, they should be better now – at least in the external views. As for the internal sounds, frankly, the new samples sound very similar to the old ones (which is understandable given they were still samples from the same engine).
In the visual department, we trasferred to MSFS some of the improvements we are making for the DCS version. In detail, all external textures have been remastered with additional details.
Then, we have a lot of functional changes to the aircraft systems…which should cover pretty much every comment we have received, except the canopy de-icing (which you still have to do via keyboard) as it is not documented in the SDK.
Here is the full change log:
Version 1.20
Quality of Life improvements:
– remastered all external textures with higher detail
– changed HSI DME last digit animation (now continuous)
– fixed landing gear extraction and damaging speeds
– fixed bug that caused deletion of panel cover if gunsight is removed from A model
– decreased FD vertical bar sensitivity
– changed rule of GS engagement from GS ARM
– improved engine dynamics
– redone Wwise engine sounds, based on real world samples
– fixed minor bug in Tacan/Frequency conversion
– fixed minor bug in RDU display not showing the correct frequencies for COM1 in some case
– added indication of X/Y Tacan channel
– improved cockpit self shadowing
– rear view mirror are now foldable
– added gear warning sound and silencer
– added streamers and covers if the aircraft is parked
– added underwing pylons to A model (add any weight to the relevant load station)
– added external fuel tanks to A model (add at least 51lbs to releval station – cosmetic only)
– fixed VR cockpit collisions
– fixed external light bug introduced by Sim Update 3
– fixed external views HUD
– added g-stain sound
– fixed minor inaccuracies in warning test switch behavior
– fixed minor bug preventing fine adjustment of OBS in some cases
– GPS number keys can now be used to select waypoints (1 to 10)
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