iniBuilds New York John F. Kennedy Airport bijgewerkt naar v1.2.0

iniBuilds heeft New York John F. Kennedy Airport (KJFK) voorzien van een verse update met versienummer 1.2.0. Deze nieuwe versie richt zich vooral op performance verbeteringen. De update is eenvoudig binnen te halen via de iniManager. Bekijk het volledige changelog hieronder.



T4, T8 & Satellite, Tower and TWA hotel:
  • Models split into smaller sections
  • LOD values adjusted as necessary
  • Overall material resolution and count reduction
  • Further implementation of instancing
  • Added option for parallax when detailed interiors not in use
  • Fixed multiple model issues (stretched UVs, gaps in mesh, missing objects)
  • Added emissive boost to floodlights
  • Implemented smaller LOD radius
  • Reduced amount of people models by approximately 50%
  • Separated mesh to ensure none have greater than 65,000 vertices, improving portability on low end devices.
  • Reduced material count and replaced materials with vertex colour
  • Use of instancing on seats and gates
  • Adjusted LOD values
  • All jetways now have LODs
  • Some default assets removed (superfluous)
  • Several duplicate elements removed
  • Removed hidden interior details from AA Cargo
  • ILS freqs now visible on VFR map
  • LODs added to all major buildings within the airport boundary

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