IXEG 737 Classic Versie 1.3 uitgekomen!

De titel zegt alles al, deze langverwachte grote update download u hier via uw eigen account. Nog niet in uw bezit? U koopt deze prachtige X-Plane V10/11+ addon hier voor 74.95 USD. helemaal onderaan dit artikel vind u een prachtige ”1.3 update video” van deze addon. ”Kijk en geniet!” zeggen we nu ook weer. Fijn weekend allemaal verder!


Flight model changes have been made allowing for the “utmost realism”, and the developer now recommends pilots use the aircraft with X-Plane’s experimental flight model enabled for the best experience.

A number of other bugs have also been patched – for an exhaustive rundown of the changes, see our article from earlier this week. Alternatively, here’s a truncated feature list:

Bug fixes:

  • Stopped “brakes” helping with turns if no rudder pedals installed
  • Fixed turnoff lights lighting up the MCP
  • Fixed Standby Power logic
  • Disabled engine reverse thrust when fire handle pulled
  • Removed option for “show vortices” which doesn’t work with XP11
  • Fixed stall warning test not working on ground
  • Fixed external view not accessible if watching a saved replay


  • Adjusted flightmodel to work best with the “new experimental flight model” option enabled (disabled works too, but less accurate)
  • Switched ground model to default for XP11 users (better handling of engine failures)
  • Adjusted “runway shake” effect to not move viewpoint too much
  • Adjusted sensitivity for altitude and vertical speed manipulators when mouse-dragging
  • Increased intensity of landing, taxi and runway turnoff lights
  • Several updates/polishing of cockpit 3D (smoothing, better material, etc.)
  • Improved import ability for different company route formats
  • Updated shape of optional “winglets”
  • Removed logo light lens if winglets enabled (it was still peeking through in places)
  • Updated mesh of engines and fan animations
  • Improved representation of flight controls (avoid spoilers popping up), gear lever animation and weird sounds in cockpit during replays
  • Enabled basic “hot start” functionality if fuel introduced at (way) too low N2
  • Improved windmilling start behaviour (now works for lower N2s)


  • Added grab and move around flashlights(white) and maplights(red)
  • Added mousewheel support to all twistable manipulators
  • Added TAI ON WITH TAT ABOVE 10C warning to FMC
  • Added “altitude reminder dials” on CPTs and FO yoke
  • Added option to disable/assign button to “pop out” IXEG menu
  • Added option to disable/assign button to “view presets” IXEG menu
  • Added option to increase/decrease EHSI preview popups
  • Added option to totally remove EHSI preview popups
  • Added option slider to adjust yoke height
  • Engines now windmilling on ground if wind strong enough
  • Added default support (and option) for AviTab integration