Just Flight Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer MSFS

Ontwikkelaar Just Flight heeft te kennen gegeven dat ze nu extra hard doorwerken aan hun aankomende Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer voor MSFS. Deze zal over niet al te lange tijd uitkomen. Hieronder alvast de laatste preview shots:


A Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer development update from Just Flight




The new images that we shared show some truly impressive levels of visual fidelity. Exterior textures have been upgraded to 8K resolution, showcasing the included liveries with very sharp details. Speaking of liveries, there will be 13 to choose from, including the famous RAF Red Arrows paint scheme, and also some other belonging to the countries that fly the Hawk T1/A, such as Finland, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and obviously the UK, with several RAF liveries.

Besides the work we do on the Hawk’s exterior, the cockpit is also now getting some attention, with the addition of hundreds of animated controls and indicators and all the programming that is necessary to bring this aircraft to fulfill the promise of a highly detailed and realistic simulation.

We are indeed promising a very in-depth simulation with this airplane, based on extensive research of a real aircraft and the input of real-world pilots. The Hawk T1/A will include some visual niceties such as numerous external animations and ground equipment, and the cockpit is being fully developed in 3D, which should make for a great VR experience. There will also be a tablet, similar to the one we’ve seen on the Arrow III, that will enable some aircraft options to be selected, amongst other configurations. Release will be within a couple of months.


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