Justflight nieuws

Justflight heeft een aantal nieuwtjes naar buiten gebracht die we niet willen onthouden:

The DC Designs F-15 Eagle for MSFS was updated this week with a massive update completely overhauling the aircraft, loads of new features and fixes and a brand new sound-set was applied to the aircraft.  Safe to say we’re now looking at a completely new beast!  If this is of interest and you’d like to do a review let me know and I’ll supply a new build to you.

The changelog for this latest update can be found here:  https://support.justflight.com/support/solutions/articles/17000113616-f-15-eagle-changelog

In other MSFS news we’ll be releasing the eagerly anticipated PA-28R Arrow III next week followed by the Turbo Arrow version a few weeks after that.  Then next up will be the Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer, this went into the In Development section yesterday and is probably around 4-6 weeks away from release.  Here are the links to those three add-ons.

Hawk:  https://www.justflight.com/in-development/hawk-t1a-advanced-trainer-microsoft-flight-simulator

PA-28R Arrow III: https://www.justflight.com/in-development/pa-28r-arrow-iii-microsoft-flight-simulator

PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV: https://www.justflight.com/in-development/pa-28r-turbo-arrow-iii-iv-microsoft-flight-simulator

So busy times on the MSFS front and we’re also not disregarding other platforms – the dev work continues on the bigger boys,  the 146 Pro XP, A300 P3D and 747 P3D, also.  Release on the first two of those isn’t too far away now.

As usual the In Development section contains everything else that’s currently being worked on.


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