Goed nieuws voor de LOCKHEED L-1049 SUPER-CONSTELLATION liefhebber (Wie is dit nu eigenlijk niet?). Deze prachtige vogel komt naar MSFS. Deze add-on zal in vier fases verschijnen. De eerste preview shots zien er goed uit. Hier vind je alle verdere info:

”We are planning 4 phases of development with a visualization of the progress of each step. All phase can be subdivided in sub-phase to provide shorts




Phase I 81% 81%:

A flyable plane with essential options BREITLING Livery


Phase II 11% 11%:

Icing, full feathering

Fuel transfert system

Synchro engine system

Cabin pressure

Services and checklist

AIR FRANCE Livery and version.


Phase III 0% 0%:

All instruments and radio

TWA version and livery

Advanced settings.


Phase IV 5% 5%

Optional instruments and radio Failure

Weather radar

Destructible plane