Majestic Dash 8 en P3D V5

Ontwikkelaar Majestic heeft de onderstaande verklaring gegeven over hun Dash-8 Q400 en tenopzichte van het nieuwe P3D V5. Klinkt goed!

Fellow Simpilots,

Lockheed Martin has released the long anticipated version 5 of Prepar3D. For many it was a surprise, but most knew that there was something lurking in the pipelines for some time.

So what about the Q400’s compatibility?

Well as many of you have already discovered, out of the box the Q400 seems to work and yes does appear to be fairly stable operationally. While we are happy for that, we working on some issues on the back-end of the add-on, which to the naked eye or average user may not be an issue during use. The installer as most have realized simply requires changing the path to the new simulator. We have held off making an official announcement primarily due to the fact that we wanted to see what we were up against based on the official P3D v5 release (as we always do). Looking around at some of the Twitch/YouTube streams, forums and social media groups what we see and hear is pretty much what was expected, however, what may work for one may not necessarily work for the other, so do not be disappointed if your Q400 does not work as expected.

When can we expect a new installer for Prepar3D v5?

New installers will be compiled after we are able to fix the few issues that we have identified and considered a priority. For this we have decided to await LM’s first update/HF. As several users have reported issues with their graphic cards as well which have been able to replicate.

Some of the items to be addressed are:

  • External Visual artifacts
  • Sound adjustments based on the use on the new DX12
  • CPAN functionality for specific items related to aircraft, most items can still be changed via the mjc84.ini (be sure to make a backup of the original before making any changes to your .ini file or any file for that matter)

We will not be supporting any issues reported on the forum regarding Prepar3D v5 until we officially release the new installers for the PILOT and PRO Editions.

We thank you for your continued support, and please do your best to be safe amidst of the COVID Pandemic.


The Majestic Software Team