Mega Airport Zürich professional uitgebracht

Nog meer goed nieuws voor alle simmers met Prepar3D v4. Aerosoft heeft zojuist Mega Airport Zürich professional uitgebracht. Zoals ook bij de andere airports binnen de professional versie is deze versie uitsluitend bedoeld voor Prepar3D gebruikers. Bestaande gebruikers kunnen upgraden tegen een bedrag van €6. Meer informatie is te vinden op de productpagina.


  • AFD optimised, frequencies and approaches adapted based on recent charts
  • Jetways are now movable via CTRL+J
  • Reworked ground layout
  • The single objects per designer are composed from placement and lib as one mesh with (for increased smoothness while moving)
  • Buildings and objects optimised for Prepar3D V4 for increased performance
  • Improved Lighting and added dynamic lights
  • Runway and taxiway lights compiled into one object, added day switches and corrected Mat and Ani (Flashes)
  • Optimised AGNIS, lighter and more precise
  • Optimised AESLite for P3D V4 (shadow support, etc.)
  • Extended Config tools to optimise your system performance:
    – “LSZHTraffic” for adjusting dynamic ground vehicle traffic
    – “LSZHConfig” for setting up the airport configuration
    – “Resolution” to switch textures between high resolution and default resolution