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Het is alweer vrijdag en dus is er zoals gebruikelijk weer een nieuwe update vanuit Microsoft. Daarnaast zien we ook een video van in de partnership serie. Deze video is direct boven dit bericht te bekijken en toont een unieke AI technologie in Microsoft Flight Simulator.



We officially started the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace Partnership Program on July 18th and several hundred companies have already applied. We could not be more excited about all the cool creations coming to the platform in the months and years ahead. On the SDK side, based on feedback from the 3rd party community, we are targeting most of our efforts on the areas that matter to them. Sometimes, functionality is already available but is not yet clearly exposed or documented. Recent examples of that are the custom jetways and the functionality of our light system. We will demonstrate both in an updated scenery sample and apso will provide more thorough documentation.

We also keep improving support for WebAssembly, with improved stability, asynchronous loading and more flexibility. The Developer Mode saw several important bug fixes and new utility tools make the developer’s life easier. We improved overall stability and improved taxiway sign editing as well as projected meshes support.

Last but not least, in order to fully support Flight Simulator as a platform, we are actively looking at reinforcing the SDK team in the next few months as we want to ensure that the 3rd party community gets everything they need from our toolset.



We have released a preview version of our upcoming Feedback Snapshot in the Insider Area



The team is working on an updated version of the Development Roadmap that will update all planned deliverables post launch (i.e. August – November). We expect to have a preview version of this available post launch, targeting end of August.




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