Milviz nieuws update

Milviz heeft via de sociale media een update gegeven van al haar projecten. Ze werken aan een hele reeks nieuwe producten. Het valt op dat er veel diverse modellen vliegtuigen gewerkt wordt.
Milviz meldt er het volgende over:

1) The Kingair 350i and 300 are well in hand and moving forward. More news on those probably this weekend.
2) The F-4E Phantom II is moving ahead as well and we are looking at a release fairly soon… (fairly is defined as when it’s ready!)
3) The P-38L will be released VERY soon (very is defined as really close to being 100% ready). Note that only persons who bought the FSX Redbull version direct from us will be able to get the 5$ off.
4) The Avanti paint job(s) have begun. Coding is in hand. (PL-21)
5) SR-71 painting is nearly done. Coding to commence at some point in the near future.
6) C-130J coding is moving ahead nicely. Modeling of the external is nearly done.
7) F-100D is close to alpha and looking GOOOOOOD!
8) The F-4S is ready for coding to begin as soon as we wrap the F-4E.
9) Tacpack coding on the P-38L and the F-86F is nearly done. Tacpack coding for the F-4E is moving ahead nicely.
10) Moo will move ahead shortly.
11) T-38C, F-15C and B407GX have not been forgotten. We are assessing our options on those.

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