MK-Studios Dublin bijgewerkt naar v1.01a

MK-Studios heeft Dublin voorzien van een eerste update. Deze update verbetert een aantal zaken in de AFCAD, en de texturing. De update is gratis te downloaden via simMarket. Het changelog is hieronder te bekijken.


  • Multiple PBR texture improvements
  • More customization options available in the installer
  • Jetblasts added
  • Added construction area along the taxiway F2 and F3
  • Lamp PBR material problem fixed
  • Animated vehicles added
  • Bay power plant rescaled
  • Improved SODE jetway positions
  • Improved AFCAD stand positions
  • AFCAD Stand: 311C replaced with two 311R and 311L
  • AFCAD Stand: 409L added
  • AFCAD Stand: Double 201 fixed
  • AFCAD Stand: Cargo ramp stands on apron SOUTH changed to regular parkings
  • Few mistakes for stand/taxiway naming mistakes corrected
  • Added stopbars for stand 411L
  • Fixed problem where AI won’t take off from RWY 28
  • Improved airport vehicles placement
  • Taxiway signs night texture fixed
  • Ambient occlusion improvements on few textures
  • Tower night texture improved
  • Jetways and other elements divided into two SODE files to allow GSX V2 to deactivate jetways
  • New GSX configuration file modified and redone by CARTAYNA FILES