MSFS Beta v1.23.11.0 uitgekomen

Voor de deelnemers aan de beta van Sim Update 8 is er een nieuwe versie verschenen met versienummer Deze update is nu te downloaden. Bekijk het changelog voor deze update hieronder. Wil je meedoen, lees dan ook dit artikel.



  • Fixed a crash on Xbox when connecting a yoke (e.g. HOTAS One)
  • Fixed a crash when signing out of the Xbox live account while loading a flight
  • Fixed a crash in the world map
  • Fixed a crash when using a filter combination in the marketplace
  • Fixed a rare crash for waypoints that could not be found
  • Fixed a performance drop when the Default audio device was used
  • Fixed missing textures for the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner and the Cessna Citation Longitude on Xbox only
  • Fixed planes with new prop system crawling backwards with brakes and full throttle
  • Minor bug fix and text updates in Marketplace
  • The default binding for rudders with VR controllers has been changed to avoid input interferences with other devices such as HOTAS and prevent control freeze when hovering cockpit panels, menus and glass cockpits
  • Fixed position / location of in-flight menus reset themselves when returning to Cockpit view from External view in VR
  • Fixed animation of Prop Beta on Prop with ID value under 1
  • Higher stall speed have been tweaked for the Pilatus PC-6

SDK/Dev Mode

  • Removed useless console messages about files being modified in the PackagesMetadata folder
  • Ctrl+click now behaves as expected in the Scenery Editor
  • Packages should not fail to build anymore if Marketplace data is not specified
  • The camera is not reset to top-down view anymore when adding new objects in the Scenery Editor
  • Fixed “leftLighted” and “centerLighted” parsing for taxipaths in scenery editor
  • Creator preview now gets back one level if needed when DevMode project changes
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