MSFS beta v1.27.14.0 verschenen

Voor de testers van de aankomende Sim Update 10 is dit weekend een nieuwe versie verschenen met versienummer De update wordt weer op de gebruikelijke manier geïnstalleerd. Bekijk het changelog hieronder.


Crash Fixes

  • Several crashes have been fixed across the title
  • Fixed crash when exiting after loading an aircraft with XML gauges.


  • Fixed tools compatibility issues
  • Fixed Platform Toolset support for Visual Studio 2022
  • Fixed a crash at exit with vector placement


  • Fixed scenario where bushtrips progress returned to 0% after updating builds


  • TaxiPoint (and also Taxiway data) are now available through NavData API
  • Fixed a bug which alters the last fields of returned structure


  • Change drone camera speed to 30
  • Fixed a scenario where HDR was not working
  • Fixed a scenario where exposure brightness increases too quickly when looking towards instruments
  • [Xbox] Remove leisure boat slider as it was not relevant on this platform
  • Fixed building texture flickering that could occur on Xbox
  • [VR] Fixed a bug where World Scale modification was not saved