Recent Changelog for 3.3 – MAJOR

Complete overhaul of the aircraft from the ground up.
This update brings this in line with our GitHub branch. IF YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED THE LATEST UPDATE FROM GITHUB YOU DO NOT NEED TO DOWNLOAD THIS. We highly recommend using our Github to download and check for updates.
We have not updated this page in over a year, so the changelog is quite massive. Parts of note are:

Complete remake of 3D models
New sound system
New avionics suite
New lighting system
New aural warning system
New fuel/electrical system
Additional cockpit controls
EFB Added
Optimized for lower-end PCs
Autopilot functionality increased
-Nav displays not syncing or aligning
-Issues with holes in the wing mesh
-Inop buttons in the cockpit
-Beacon light logic
-Xfeed logic, fuel consumption, lift and flap controls
-Aero drag adjustments
-Reduced reverser power
-IRU logic for nav displays
-Anti-ice controls and korry lights
-New WACAP display, mesh
-Basic implementation of spoilerons
-Added engine, pitot, and hud covers along with remove before flight tags to the aircraft
-Added cones to the aircraft
-Fixed missing LAIRCM turret
-Complete cockpit texture overhaul
-Improved geometry of AFCS panel
-Re-made engine control panel, trim gauges
-Fixed issues with incorrect readings on engine display
-Added flaps percent deployed display
-Re-made interactions on AFCS panel
-Re-made cockpit watertight seal with exterior
-Added jump seats
-Tweaked cargo floor textures
-Re-made alerting panel geometry
-Added GPU model
-Improved lower LOD for multiplayer performance
-Fixes inop altitude controls with the “Xbox” control mode