Preview: Indiafoxtecho A-4 Skyhawk

Dino Cattaneo van Indiafoxtecho heeft weer een update vrijgegeven rondom de ontwikkeling van de A-4 Skyhawk voor Prepar3D. Het model is bijna compleet en zal binnenkort ook nog worden voorzien van PBR textures. De volledige update lees je direct onder dit bericht:

I have just finished the first flight with the new flight model provided by Roy Holmes and I am very happy with it.
Most people believe that P3D is inferior to other platforms in terms of flight model realism, and that is true, to some extent, in the sense that the table-driven approach is simpler (and less elegant) than the airflow simulation approach of XP-11. However, the reality is that if the flight model is done with the proper attention to detail, accuracy and skill, P3D can produce excellent results (even without wandering into the realm of writing an external flight model – i.e. coding a separate program that will make the dynamics calculations – this can be done in all major platforms by the way).
Anyway the flight model is already really good…and it will be even better. I am very lucky to have Roy Holmes on board for my projects!

The next stage is the systems integration – which hopefully should not take that long, given that the A-4 family was designed for simplicity.
If everything goes as planned a complete build may be ready by the end of june.
As usual I will keep you posted on the progress and completion of a Beta version, and will provide details to join to the Beta test once it is ready.