Nimbus Simulation Studios BN-2 Islander uitgekomen

Wat is dat toch met de aantrekkingskracht van de BN-2 Islander voor ontwikkelaars tegenwoordig? Nu heeft ook Nimbus Simulation Studios hun BN-2 Islander uitgegeven voor X-Plane v11+. Ons hoor je in iedergeval niet klagen! ūüėČ Het is een prachtige kist. Hier te koop voor 34.95 USD.


A British-designed and manufactured light utility and commuter transport, The Islander is one of the best-selling commercial aircraft types produced in Europe. Although designed in the 1960s, over 750 are still in service with commercial operators around the world.
  • Highly detailed 3D model
  • 4K textures
  • Full PBR Textures for quality¬†refection
  • 3D Custom Sound System
  • Animated switches
  • Rattling and vibrations
  • Accurate handling and flight characteristics
  • Accurate performance based on performance charts
  • Realistic night lightning with custom lights and textures
  • VR ready (includes yoke manipulator)
  • Ice buildup visual effect
  • 8 liveries and more to come
Nice Comprehensive Menus
  • Windows for managing maintenance, weight and balance, doors and accessories, controls position and performance charts.
  • Maintenance module:
    • If you want a more realistic experience you can choose if you want the aircraft to require maintenance with time and usage, depending on how you fly and engine exceedance the mechanical components will degrade and performance will be affected.
  • Weight and balance:
    • A graphic interface gives you the chance to modify the cargo, passengers, fuel and CG
  • Doors and accessories:
    • Open and close doors, add or remove wheel chocks, engine and pitot covers or controls lock.
  • Performance:
    • This window will also allow you to see some performance charts.
  • Controls position indicator:
    • A small window on the right bottom corner will show the position of your controls.