Boeing 314 “The Clipper” voor MSFS uitgebracht.

PILOT’S heeft de klassieke Boeing 314, ook bekend onder de naam “The Clipper” uitgebracht voor MSFS.  In het bijgevoegde bericht, kun je meer informatie vinden.

Bijgevoegd is het persbericht zoals we die van PILOT’S mochten ontvangen:


After many months of initial development, and many further months of bug fixing and feature implementation, we at PILOT’S are very pleased to finally announce the release of our Boeing B-314 for MSFS!

Widely considered to be the quintessential flying boat and an icon of the flying boat era, the PILOT’S B-314 for MSFS introduces virtual pilots to an extraordinary time in aviation history. Although the B-314 was not in service for long, the aircraft was privy to setting many milestones, and our B-314 provides an exclusive insight into the inner workings of such an extraordinary flying machine!

During our first internal discussions to bring a brand-new, non-ported B-314 to MSFS, it was unclear to us how many of the study-level features that our B-314 for PREPAR3D has, we would be able to introduce to MSFS, let alone if such an endeavour was even feasible and a wise thing to work towards.

SimWorks Studios have done an absolutely amazing job at creating a brand new 3D model of the Boeing B-314 for MSFS, and have coupled this with a feature rich implementation of the various unique avionics, gauges and switches. Our initial release of the Boeing B-314 is at a study level concept phase. We plan to further refine the functionality of the B-314’s Sperry Gyropilot, increase fidelity through the creation and use of a complex thermodynamic environment, and will eagerly take all of your feedback on board, to improve and refine our simulation of this amazing and majestic flying boat.

For any such feedback and suggestions, please contact us via

The PILOT’S Boeing B-314 for MSFS is now available at at an introductory price of EUR 29.95.