PMDG ATC window fix in Prepar3D V3

Er zijn een aantal gevallen bekend waarbij PMDG 777 gebruikers het ATC scherm van Prepar3D V3 niet kunnen oproepen. Lockheed Martin heeft in antwoordt hierop een tijdelijke workaround geplaatst. Deze workaround maakt het weer mogelijk om het ATC window te gebruiken in combinatie met de PMDG toestellen. Deze fix zal ook meekomen in een toekomstige update van Prepar3D V3 aldus Lockheed Martin.


We have diagnosed and resolved this issue internally. It will be released in a future version.

It is caused because of a limit (that has always existed) on the amount of available panels allowed in the system. PMDG 777 uses a lot of Windows and Virtual Cockpit entries in their panel configuration file to replicate all of the desired functionality of the 777.

However, when the system reaches the max amount of available panels, it will start failing to create them. This is what happens. The ATC is now an entry in the missionpanel.cfg and fails to load because the limit of panels is already reached.

Most likely this issue will be resolved by an increase in the limit but I am fortunate to say that I have come up with a work around for users looking for resolution in the meantime.

1) Back up your ‘missionpanels.cfg’ file in the gauges folder
2) Switch [Window11]’s contents with [Window00]’s contents so that they look as follows:



window_size             = 0.2, 0.5
window_pos              = 0.8, 0.1         ; Right below Top-Corner infogen
background_color        = 0, 0, 0
alpha_blend             = 0.00
ident                   = ATC_WINDOW
scaleform_file          = MenuWindow      ; Use the generic menu window scaleform content
scaleform_instance_name = ATC            ; Provide a unique instance name



size_mm                 = 98, 123                  ; a basis for the gauge size/positions specified below
window_size             = 0.1, 0.16                ; as a percentage of the screen; this allows us to ignore the size of the "main" or first panel loaded.
window_pos              = 0.01, 0.03               ; as a percentage of the screen
background_color        = 0, 0, 0
visible                 = 0
zorder                  = 5                        ; larger number -> closer to top
ident                   = POI_WINDOW
alpha_blend             = 0.65                     ; 1.0 = opaque
gauge00                 = Missions!POI, 0, 0, 98, 123

Now, the ATC menu will display when using the 777.

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