Prepar3D v5.2 Hotfix 1 uitgebracht

Het team van Lockheed Martin heeft een eerste hotfix beschikbaar gemaakt voor Prepar3Dv5.2 Deze hotfix moet een aantal urgente issues verhelpen die ontstaan zijn na de introductie van v5.2. Deze hotfix kan direct worden gedownload via de site van Prepar3D. Voor de hotfix is alleen de ‘Client Installer’ noodzakelijk, Content, Scenery en SDK zijn optioneel. Bekijk het changelog hieronder.


Client Fixes and Improvements

  • Added configuration option to use HTML5 Menu and Information Text, defaulted to off.
  • Fixed issue preventing views from rendering on Intel graphics cards in some cases.
  • Fixed performance issue with multiple views when using vsync.
  • Updated default cloud visuals. Requires running the “Delete Generated Files” script in the Prepar3D installation directory or manual removal of the VolumetricClouds.cfg file located @ “%appdata%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5” directory after updating.
  • Improved performance of autogen building and scenery objects.
  • Fixed crash on AMD cards with particle shadows enabled.
  • Fixed issues with HTML5 Menus and Information Text causing black screens and stutters when opening.
  • Fixed issue where changing Volumetric Cloud settings would not update graphics profile name in settings.
  • Screen is now blacked out when crashing.
  • Fixed issue with multi-UV PBR materials not working properly in some cases.
  • Prevent Developer Menu from being dragged offscreen when docked.
  • The alt key now opens and closes the VR menu similar to the standard menu bar.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when moving views across displays on different graphics cards.
  • Fixed issue where menu bar could remain hidden after loading scenarios in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where Weather UI was not correctly showing negative values for visibility layers.
  • Performance and stability improvements for Oculus VR headsets.
  • Fixed issue where weather changes made through the UI would interpolate instead of instantly applying in some cases.

Scenery Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed missing PPL_Construction1_LM texture.

SDK Fixes and Improvements

  • Added PDK function to IMultiplayerService to set transmit and receive frequencies for voice transmission.
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