QualityWings 787 Ultimate SP3 uitgebracht

QualityWings heeft vandaag het derde ServicePack voor de 787 Ultimate uitgebracht. Dit ServicePack brengt naast een aantal bugfixes ook ondersteuning voor Prepar3Dv5, Navigraph charts en ActiveSky P3D.

De update kan over SP2 worden geïnstalleerd, maar er is ook een nieuwe installer beschikbaar.


  • FS2Crew Support (QW Config has option to enable/disable)
  • EFB: Navigraph charts support (Navigraph subscription required)
  • HUD: Brake Deceleration Scale
  • CDU/EICAS: Insufficient fuel warning
  • CDU: SID/STAR speed restrictions
  • Panelsave: Default Preflight Panelstate added
  • Prepar3Dv5 compatibility
  • ASP3D (ActiveSky P3D) compatibility
  • CDU: Place bearing/distance does not work with two letter nav waypoints
  • CDU: Descent Page speed entries in backwards order (should be Mach/Ias)
  • CDU: scratchpad entries have to be repeated multiple times before accepted
  • CDU/AUX: Calendar date displayed is incorrect by one day in January
  • CDU: Forecast page, Activesky snapshot folder not found (FSX-SE)
  • CHKL: Shutdown checklist Wxr radar status not detected
  • HUD: FPV display over-reacting to wind effects
  • HUD: Compass rose heading bug not working
  • HUD: Compass does not switch between HDG and TRK mode.
  • HUD: Numerous visual improvements and fixes
  • ND: Weather Radar not working with native FSX-SE Active Sky
  • ND: ILS final approach waypoints being off slightly to the right of rwy centerline
  • ND: Terrain display is offset by a few degrees
  • PFD: FO FPV does not stay on when selected
  • PFD: Minimums bar on the altitude tape displays in reset mode
  • DU: EICAS does not transition to FO side when SYS page is on left side of FO DU
  • Panelsave: various improvements and fixes
  • VC: “STAB CUTOFF” text fixed to read “STAB CUTOUT”
  • Sounds: Flightcrew briefings and callouts play even if QWCAS is disabled
  • Exterior: Wing vortex generators appear black in certain lighting conditions
  • HYD: C ELEC pump logic reworked
  • EFB: TO PERF does not show the Baro pressure in InHG
  • Autoflight: Holding pattern logic improved
  • EICAS: “CONFIG FLAPS” warning does not clear on 787-9
  • EICAS: VNAV STEP CLIMB does not clear after step climb
  • CTD: various stability improvements
  • JumpAhead: Elapsed time does not adjust when using Jump Ahead feature