Qualitywings Ultimate 757 Collection uitgebracht voor Prepar3Dv4

Qualitywings heeft haar eerste product, de Ultimate 757 Collection, nu ook uitgebracht voor Prepar3Dv4. Deze nieuwe versie kan alleen worden aangeschaft via Flight1. Qualitywings heeft eSellerate losgelaten als activatiesysteem en gebruikt nu Flight 1. Bestaande gebruikers in FSX dienen een aantal stappen te volgen om te zorgen dat hun productactivatie ook via Flight1 verloopt. Meer info hierover is hier te vinden.

Beide producten kosten ca. €14.


  • CDU – Transitions for some SIDS do not display on Page 2
  • CDU – Displays only page 1 of approach transitions if Star is selected followed by approach
  • CDU – Text overlap when STAR is selected. Selected Star should display next to LSK2 but displays next to LSK1 causing text overlap
  • CDU – When an approach has more than one page of transitions in the database, the FMS is not showing the subsequent pages beyond page 1
  • Radio Stack – ADF1 2nd digit (10’s) not able to decrease value
  • MCP – Mach/Ias toggle disables Spd mode when pressed
  • MCP – VNAV applying thrust when auto-throttle is disarmed
  • ND – Intersections missing triangle symbol
  • VNAV – Speed dropping after 30,000 feet
  • Radio Stack – window close button on upper right corner not working
  • EFIS popup in retro NAV AID-ARPT-DAT-WPT buttons dont light up but info shows on ND
  • ND – Vertical deviation display not correct in descent
  • Retrofit – Groundpseed display missing on ND
  • Retrofit – EHSI DME info added
  • Retrofit – 2D popup gauges resized/repositioned
  • Retrofit – Stby ADI remains on as long when Stby power is in AUTO, even if Battery is off
  • Retrofit – when Middle Marker displays on PFD, the radio altitude shows in the amber circle instead of “MM”
  • Retrofit – ADF bearing top pointer not displaying on ND
  • Retrofit – Traffic display does not adjust for range on minimap. Only responds to range of ND and not mini-map range
  • TCAS – reworked to comply with other QW products
  • QW Dispatcher – reworked to comply with other QW Products
  • VC – FMS buttons functionality added
  • VC – Gauge surface added in front of throttle quadrant for third party weather radars
  • VC—Retrofit EFIS control panel functionality added
  • Exterior – P3D Dynamic Lighting added (P3Dv4 only)
  • Config Option “synchfplanwithfsgps=1”: Any modification to the FMS updates the default GPS flightplan