Released: Airworthy Designs St. Barths

Airworthy Designs heeft zojuist St. Barths uitgebracht voor Microsoft Flight Simulator. St. Barths (officieel Saint Barth√©lemy) is een eiland gelegen op zo’n 30 km. ten zuiden van St. Maarten. Het vliegveld is bekend van de uitdagende landing met aan de ene kant bergen en aan de andere kant direct de zee.

De scenery is nu verkrijgbaar bij simMarket. Bekijk alle features hieronder.


  • Whole island modeled! The port of Gustavia, the industrial zone and residential areas are all there
  • Correct mesh modeling: The default mesh for the area was incorrectly modeled making the final approach geometry completely off compared the the real approach, we have paid extra attention to this so that it matches the real thing as much as possible given the limitations of mesh resolution for the area
  • Full terminal modeling: both interior and exteriors have been recreated to the minute of detail
  • Night Lighting
  • Dynamic flag animations
  • FPS friendly (extensive use of LODs have been used and smart reuse of video memory assets allows for high refresh rates while maintaining high levels of detail)
  • Correct apron layout and markings (up to 2022 publications)
  • AI compatible