Released: France VFR Nord-Ouest

De ontwikkelaars van France VFR hebben hun nieuwste project ‘VFR Nord-Ouest’ beschikbaar gesteld bij Orbx. Dit pakket, gericht op het noordwesten van Frankrijk bevat onder andere 28 verbeterde vliegvelden en daarnaast ook vele obstakels, vuurtorens, borden en veel meer. Allemaal gericht om nog beter VFR te kunnen vliegen.

Het pakket kost rond de €35. Meer info en aanschaf via de productpagina bij Orbx.



  • 28 enhanced airports and airfields with photo-realistic 3D modelling for some of them.
  • 3 large military airports added (not existing in MSFS) with photo-realistic ground texture.
  • Detailed ground textures and markings.
  • Realistic static flying club airplanes on all the platforms.
  • Numerous animations and accurate details.
  • Vegetation reworked on the platform and its surroundings.
  • Realistic night lighting.
  • Photo-realistic areas reworked for 9 platforms including military surrounding areas (Angers, Belle-Ile, Dinard, Evreux, Landivisiau, Le Havre, Lorient, Saint-Nazaire and Vannes).
  • Main obstacles and VFR landmarks referenced by SIA (Aeronautical Information Service) (about 400 obstacles and VFR landmarks).
  • Main lighthouses and beacons (approximately 60 objects) including approximately 30 extremely detailed lighthouses.
  • Marinas and moorings with pleasure boats (about 200 sites) on the entire scenery.
  • Numerous remarkable objects (5200 antennas, 6400 castle, 2400 water towers, 7200 churches, 1700 wind turbines, 5400 industrial tanks, 15800 greenhouses, 440 high voltage transformers, 3300 silos and agricultural tanks, 150 plaice huts…).
  • Electrical pylons network (63kV to 400kV) including security altitude day/night markings.
  • Roads and highways signs (about 13000 signs) on the main road network.
  • Railroad pylons near airports and airfields platforms.
  • Campsites near airports and airfields platforms.
  • Coastline and main rivers partially cleaned of excess vegetation.
  • Railroad and electrical networks cleaned of excess vegetation.
  • Compatible with all of our others product range.
  • SIA – VAC – IAC – APT – ARRDEP charts provided.


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