Released: iniScene London Heathrow Airport

iniScene heeft haar grootste project tot nu toe afgerond: London Heathrow Airport voor Microsoft Flight Simulator. London Heatrow Airport, tot 1966 London Airport genoemd, is één van de 6 luchthavens in de omgeving van Londen. In 2020 stond de luchthaven op plek 3 qua internationale passagiers.

De luchthaven is in 1929 ontstaan als een klein vliegveld, en na de Tweede Wererldoorlog werd het ontwikkeld tot een grote luchthaven en breidde geleidelijk uit in de daaropvolgende 75 jaar. Op dit moment beschikt de luchthaven over 4 startbanen en 4 passagiersterminals.

De scenery is verkrijgbaar bij simMarket en kost €29. Bekijk alle features en de trailer hieronder.



  • 80+ custom modelled and textured POIs and buildings in and out of the airport boundary with accurate PBR texturing
  • 10,000+ custom iniScene car models scattered throughout parking lots outside of the airport boundary
  • Aggressive performance saving methods featuring LOD model optimization (Level of Detail) and meticulous optimization where possible throughout the scenery
  • Full Xbox compatibility and optimization when purchased on the Microsoft Store for Xbox
  • 5 accurately-placed jetway variations with realistic PBR texturing and animations
  • Hand-made ground polygons featuring custom decals, dirt, taxi lines and ground markings
  • Over 430 custom made and hand placed taxi signs dotted throughout the airfield as in the real world
  • Main airport landsides with ground markings and lighting faithfully re-created
  • British Airways Concorde G-BOAB faithfully recreated and on-display before runway 27L
  • Over 2,500 individually placed accurately colour toned airport lights scattered around the terminals
  • Accurate logos and real-world decals scattered throughout the airport to promote a true to life feeling
  • Custom-created, accurate and known landside points of interest such as the landmark
  • Emirates A380 and Turkish Airlines roundabouts
  • Hand-corrected, colour accurate ortho imagery
  • Hand-placed bespoke ground service equipment at each gate featuring over 2,000+ containers, 2,000+ cargo dollies and a plethora of various static equipment
  • Animated points of interest including radio towers and construction cranes


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