Released: Orbx LOWI Innsbruck

Nee, het is absoluut geen 1 april grap. Orbx heeft zojuist de scenery van LOWI Innsbruck uitgebracht voor FSX en Prepar3D. Een prachtige scenery waar we al veel van gezien hebben in de achterliggende periode. Verkrijgbaar via de webshop van Orbx voor $39.95 AUD.


Key Features

  • Ultra-detailed rendition of LOWI
  • Enormous 2500km2 coverage area at 1m/60cm/30cm with 10m DEM
  • Five additional heliports including LOJO, LOIU, LOJT, LOIN
  • Over 160+ Landmarks and POI in coverage area
  • 30km of animated train routes
  • Custom HD GSE exclusive to Innsbruck
  • Crisp 2048 textures for priority buildings
  • Highly detailed and AI-ready APX by Graham Eccleston
  • Advanced AO, rendering and night lighting techniques
  • City centre and many other focus areas in high detail
  • Over 20 custom bridges and overpasses
  • All-new static aircraft types unique to Innsbruck Airport
  • Ultra-HD groundpoly
  • Huge extended coverage area 275km diameter
  • Painstakingly optimised for best performance across all sims