Released: TDM Scenery Design A Coruña Airport

TDM Scenery Design heeft vandaag A Coruña Airport (LECO) uitgebracht voor Microsoft Flight Simulator. A Coruña Airport, voorheen ook wel Alvedro Airport genoemd, ligt zo’n 7 km. van Culleredo in Galicië, het uiterste noordwesten van Spanje. Het vliegveld beschikt over een enkele startbaan (03/21) met een ILS CATII voor baan 21. Baan 03 kan vanwege een berg alleen visueel worden aangevlogen.

A Coruña Airport wordt alleen aangedaan door de Spaanse carriers Air Europa, Iberia, Volotea en Vueling, met binnenlandse vluchten zowel op het vasteland, de Balearen en de Canarische eilanden.

A Coruña Airport is nu direct aan te schaffen via de web site van TDM Scenery Design en kost €14,50. Bekijk alle features en een first look video hieronder.



  • Detailed and realistic representation of the passenger terminal, allits buildings and hangars, the markings, numbers and parking spaces are placed by handaccording to real life. Signal boxes, navigation elements such as ILS antennas and CAT II system are hand modeled
  • Jetways are customized, modeled according to real life models and are animatedand operational for use at Doors 1 and 3, with a customized and realistic AFCAD thatallows for proper operation of the AI Traffic and the use of the simulator ATC
  • This airport is a native construction and dedicated exclusively to MSFS, is not a product inherited or transformed from another platform so it has native PBR materials and night lighting of the simulator
  • The airport has a large number of land vehicles and work elements typical of Spanish airports and some exclusive to this airport
  • The airport terrain is hand built to make a more realistic representation of its elevationsand the retaining walls found at both runway heads and sides
  • To make the approaching to the airport more attractive we have built customized buildings to populate the city as an old dismantled factory next to the Gadis supermarket in all the approach path to runway 21, the industrial building of  Coruña Moving just at the beginning of the lighting towers and approach of this same runway
  • Some buildings of the seaport like its control tower and the Castle of San Anton, the famous Lighthouse / tower of Hercules and an old prison
  • In a next update we will add the whole of the seaport and several buildings of the city as the Depor Stadium


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