Richer Simulations St. Vincent uitgebracht

Richer Simulations heeft St. Vincent uitgebracht voor Prepar3Dv4. St. Vincent is een vulkanisch eiland in de Caraïben en onderdeel van St. Vincent en de Grenadines. Het ligt tussen St. Lucia en de Grenadines. Het heeft twee vliegvelden. Het oude vliegveld E.T. Joshua Airport (TVSV) is niet meer in gebruik. Hiervoor is in 2017 Argyle International Airport (TVSA) in de plaats gekomen.

De scenery is aan te schaffen voor ca. €24 en meer informatie is te vinden op de productpagina van simMarket.


TVSA includes:

  • newly constructed airport represented as of 2019
  • SODE jetways
  • newly constructed solar farm
  • surrounding quarry, houses and related buildings
  • Fully bumped-map buildings, vehicles, objects and ground polygons.
  • Hand crafted 1m mesh for terrain on approach to runway 04 and the gentle slope near 22, as well as around the entire airport
  • Approach and directional lights
  • Fully customizable options which can be turned on/off
    • fully modelled interior
    • fully modelled parking lot
    • Individual Dynamic Lights
    • Pre-rendered Apron Shadows
    • Sparse to Dense 3D Grass
    • High Poly Vegetation
    • Upgradable to 4096 Ultra HD textures (free separate download)

St. Vincent includes:

  • 344 square km of photoreal coverage
  • wet/transitional/dry seasons
  • 0.5m/px photoreal terrain resolution
  • Custom 5m LIDAR-generated mesh
  • 1.2 million custom autogen shrubs, trees, buildings and lights
  • Arnos Vale Stadium
  • Decommissioned TVSV airport now used as a dragstrip/raceway (with animated race cars) or usable as a sloped runway.
  • Advanced Night illumination: building windows and street lights
  • Surrounding reef textures
  • Road traffic