simWings Ibiza v2.0 on final

Ontwikkelaar simWings heeft aangekondigd dat hun 2.0 versie van Ibiza voor Microsoft Flight Simulator nagenoeg gereed is. Deze versie is gratis voor bestaande gebruikers en bevat een zeer groot aantal verbeteringen. Bekijk alvast het volledige changelog en screenshots hieronder.




  • Added Aerosoft VDGS safegate system


  • Added DEM elevation mesh for airport (5m)
  • Technical changes due to new elevation mesh: single placed taxiway-lights and signs
  • Added signs for TWY “J”
  • Completely new custom ground layers (removed default ground material layers and polygons airside)
  • Changed parking positions, numbering and apron streets to latest updates
  • New Apron extension (at the left)
  • New rapid runway exits (E2 and F2)
  • New style runway designator signs
  • New paved area in front of the old terminal and other street changes
  • Custom aerial picture extensivly retouched to remove obstacles from streets etc.
  • Added street lines and signs at old and new terminal areas (public- and airside)


  • Main terminal rework: Roof of main terminal completely rebuild (green roof with bushes, new roof tiles, added utility lines etc)
  • Added terminal interior (airside)
  • Minor terminal building changes and animated flags
  • New jetway connection buildings at entire terminal
  • Added jetblast sign to safegate stands
  • Added Costa Coffee buidling, airport signs, famous “Ibiza” text model etc.
  • Added new “Express parking” at terminal front
  • New firefighting building and water tower
  •  New recently constructed additional parking building added
  • New sidewalks at entire airport (3D and 2D)
  • Reworked main parking building with more details and high res. textures
  • Changed textures at cargo area (now blue) and company signs
  • Added static peoples
  • New gas station at left terminal side
  • Tower with interior
  • New red/white painted light poles with LED lights and LED colored dynamic lights for apron
  • New cars and utility vehicles at entire airport
  • New Fence around airport
  • Reworked jetways

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