SODE bijgewerkt naar v1.6.4

Jeffrey Stähli, de ontwikkelaar achter SODE (SimObject Display Engine) heeft een nieuwe release uitgebracht, versie 1.6.4. Het volledige changelog is hieronder te lezen.


  • Installer
    • P3Dv4: SimObjects path in add-on.xml is now dynamically set during install time, fixing missing objects when installed on other drive than C:
  • General
    • Fixed bug in the object injection routine resulting in missing objects
    • Added “LVar” interface to query variables of add-on aircraft, e.g. FSLabs A32X Parking brake and beacon states
    • Added support for P3D v4.4+ MDL files
    • Fixed bug where UTLive aircraft were not added to the SimObjects list
  • Jetway Control System
    • Fixed bug where SODE would not recognize the GSX transmitted raw gate name when a custom designator is defined in the xml, resulting in a reset of the jetway
    • Enhanced API to transmit jetway docking status and served door IDs to GSX
    • Fixed bug in crossing jetway calculation and detection
    • Improved automatic multi-jetway assignment logic using the fixed crossing jetway code
    • Added ‘Shallow Angle’ jetway trajectory. If the final jetway bridge heading and the aircraft heading form a “shallow angle” (smaller than 20 degrees), then jetway will now move in a two-step manner: partially rotating and fully extending, and then rotating to the door. This avoids the “scraping” of the jetway along the fuselage during extension.
  • AI Detection
    • Fixed bug where AI Traffic data returned an unexpected user aircraft object ID, resulting in loss of AI detection capability