South Oak Co Real Effects A320 neo uitgebracht

South Oak Co, bekend van onder andere diverse effecten voor Microsoft Flight Simulator (o.a. Aurora Borealis), heeft ‘Real Effects’ uitgebracht voor de A320neo. Deze effecten zijn zowel bruikbaar op de standaard A320neo als op de FlyByWire A32nx. Denk hierbij aan St. Elmo’s fire en condensatie op de vleugels.

Je kunt het pakket nu aanschaffen bij simMarket, inmiddels is er al een eerste update verschenen… Bekijk alle features hieronder.



  • Engine Intake Vortices: Experience the sheer power of your aircraft’s engines as they generate intricate intake vortices. Watch in amazement as the atmosphere responds dynamically to your throttle adjustments, creating mesmerizing spirals of condensing air from wet surfaces that showcase the raw energy under your control.
  • Saint Elmo’s Fire: Encounter the rare and captivating phenomenon of Saint Elmo’s Fire as static electricity dances along your aircraft’s windscreen during thunderstorms. It’s a stunning visual spectacle that will make every stormy flight an unforgettable experience.
  • Engine Strake Vortices: The true-to-life representation of engine strake vortices adds another layer of authenticity to your flight experience. Witness the complex aerodynamics at play as your aircraft maneuvers through the skies, leaving behind distinct vortices that interact with the surrounding air.
  • Wing Condensation: Marvel at the realism of your aircraft’s wings as they slice through the air, causing condensation to form along their edges in humid environments. This dynamic effect responds to changes in altitude, temperature, and humidity, creating a visual spectacle that represents real-world flying conditions.
  • Engine Intake Condensation: Engage your engines and witness condensation forming within the intakes, providing a visual testament to the power and performance of your aircraft. These realistic intake effects change with your engine’s thrust, adding to the immersion.
  • Flap Trailing Vortices: Extend your flaps and experience the aerodynamic magic as trailing vortices swirl and dissipate in your wake while approaching to land. “Real Effects” simulates the intricate flow dynamics associated with flap deployment, making your maneuvers visually authentic.
  • Engine Jet Blast for Rain and Snow: In adverse weather conditions, your aircraft’s engine exhaust becomes a spectacle of its own. “Real Effects” delivers jet blast effects that interact with rain and snow, creating a mesmerizing blend of precipitation and engine power.
  • Smoke for Overheated Brakes: Push your aircraft to its limits, and you’ll witness the realism of smoke billowing from overheated brakes. This effect serves as a warning, highlighting the consequences of intense braking at heavy weights and hot temperatures.
  • Engine Fires: Experience the intensity of engine fires in your cockpit, a realistic consequence of pushing your aircraft beyond its limits. Navigate the challenges of handling emergency situations with this true-to-life effect.
  • Engine and APU Start-Up Smoke: Embrace the sight of jet fuel combusting into engine power as the engines and APU start up, as if in real life.
  • Enhanced Three-Dimensional Landing Lights: Visualize the stunning illumination of the high-powered landing lights as you fly through clouds.
  • Contrails that truly display the spiraling airmass and wake turbulence vortices drifting in the aircraft wake.
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