T-45C Goshawk versie 2.80 uitgekomen

Konden we gisteren meldden dat Dino Cattaneo aan een update voor de T-45C werkte, vandaag kunnen we al melden dat de Goshawk is uitgekomen. Je kunt de laatste versie downloaden vanaf de site van Dino.
Release notes:

Also, a quick note on P3Dv3.1:
One cool feature of P3Dv3.1 is that, if water is set on ULTRA settings, boats and ship will pitch and roll according to the waves (which in turn are influenced by the wind). Needless to say, it makes carrier (or helicopter) operations much more challenging. However, unfortunately some visual effects (notably night lighting and fresnel lights) do not follow the boat properly so this LM has DISABLED for standard carriers by default, as it was very confusing at night. You can enable or disable this effect on a per-vehicle basis by using a new parater in the contact points section (if 1 the boat will not roll, otherwise it will):
always_use_avg_surface=1 //always use the average surface elevation
Anyway, back to the T-45C, here are the release notes. Download from Google Drive from the side bar, as usual.

– New NACES seat 3D model courtesy of Vertical Reality Simulations (same as their Superbug)
– New Control stick model for Virtual Cockpit
– Minor improvements to Virtual Cockpit details
– Added “Remove Before Flight” ribbons (will show/hide with SHIFT+E then 3 control)
– Added HUD, engine intakes and exhaust covers (will show/hide with SHIFT+E then 4)
– Standardized pilot figures to have the same look as the Military Avatars Package
– Added skinned meshes animations to pilot figures (head movement, throttle, stick left/right,
pedals left/right)
– Fixed bug that caused HUD to flicker in P3Dv2 and v3
– Added clickable areas to external model for P3Dv3 (to use in external views or Avatar mode)*:
– canopy opening lever
– crew access steps
– engine/HUD covers (click nearby the engine intake)
– remove before flight ribbons (click on certain parts of the landing gear and tailhook)
– Fixed miscellaneous incompatibility issues and typos in configuration files
– Rationalization of files and duplicates for “WORKING MIRROR” feature…now all the models
are in the main MODEL folder, while you need to install the relevant aicraft.cfg and model.cfg
to activate or deactivate the feature
– Fixed minor animation bugs
– Pilot figures now have automatic or user controllable visibility conditions**
– Improved configurator, now has also crew figure control buttons, as well as ribbons and covers
visibility control and refuel options**


* covers and ribbons are not “individually” controllable… clicking on a cover or a ribbon
will remove all of them. This was basically a test to check how practical it was to have a
virtual walkaround.

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