Update voor FSLabs A320X

Er is gisteren een update uitgebracht voor de FSLabs A320X. Met deze laatste versie is de compatibiliteit met P3D v3 (tot en met de laatste hotfix) een feit.

Een lijst met meer fixes en aanpassingen kun je hier onder vinden:

Updated Features

AOC Service

We noticed that on a few setups, the AOCService process would sometimes take up a lot of CPU processing power, resulting in stutters and performance drops. This is now improved – you should not see any significant AOCService CPU processing time any longer throughout the flight.


Changes were made to prevent third-party applications from sensing refueling during the flight.


Logic fix for HDG on rollout and missing runway bumps
Logic fix for Lateral T/D detection
Logic fix for DEP RWY leg header naming structure
Logic fix for shallow descent vertical path
Fix for V1 / VR / V2 rounding errors (126 would sometimes show as 125 on PFD)
Mach CRZ fuel predictions tuning
Corrected interpretation of tailored data in Navigraph NAV Database sources
Accurate handling of Circle-To-Land procedures now available through the NAV Database (this was originally going to be an SP1 item but we were able to include it in this release. Try some arrivals in LFMN – they are superb!)

Engine Generators

Logic fix for GEN FAULT failure


Engine Anti-Ice logic improvements
Logic fix for Bleed issues


We added the ability to allow sounds to continue to play when P3D loses window focus, if the P3D “Mute On Lost Focus” option is unchecked, as this adds a lot to the immersion factor. We know a lot of you wanted this feature, so here it is!


Door disarming is now available through the PA push-button on the Audio Control Panel


An additional MCDU OPTIONS page was added for BRAKES coefficients and factors. On top of this, the keyboard and joystick button brake handling logic was modified to allow the maximum toe brake deflection to be user-specified and to default to 28% of the full toe brake travel. This results in a much finer braking action when the keyboard “.” brake (or joystick brake button) is used and we’re very happy with the resulting smoothness that occurs in all surface conditions (the braking action is now dynamically controlled based on whether the runway surface is dry, wet, icy or snowy).

Virtual Cockpit

Auto Brake MAX key size is now fixed
APU START key now returns even if the user accidentally moves the mouse away from the button while it was pushed in (which resulted in APU AUTO SHUTDOWN situations).

External Model

The Runway turnoff lights position is adjusted to match real world specs

Miscellaneous fixes

Several optimizations in the code resulting in smoother FPS performance in most conditions
Memory leak fix for situations where the user would select an MCDU subsystem then return to the MCDU MENU page