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Gisteren heeft het ontwikkelteam achter Microsoft Flight Simulator een nieuwe development update geplaatst. Samen met deze update zien we ook de eerste video in de ‘Feature Discovery Series’. In deze video krijgen we van de ontwikkelaars een kijkje in de nieuwe wereld van Microsoft Flight Simulator. Je kunt deze video direct boven dit bericht bekijken. Wil je nog meedoen aan de Tech Alpha, wees er dan snel bij want op 15 oktober sluit de inschrijving voor deelname. Meer informatie is te vinden op de website van Microsoft Flight Simulator.



 We are pleased to announce that the first episode of our Feature Discovery Series has been released! Recently presented at the Global Preview Event, Episode 1 (World) is an in-depth look at the world we’re building for the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Head into the Insider Area to watch Episode 1!


TLDR  – There is a Feedback Dashboard. The dashboard contains a summary of all feedback we collect from community discussions on a daily basis. Feedback is triaged, prioritized, and assigned a plan of action. We will provide the output of this pipeline to the community in a document tentatively called the “Feedback Snapshot” on a regular basis.

There has been an incredible amount feedback from the press coverage of our recent Global Preview Event. This feedback, along with all feedback we’ve been collecting, is critically important to the team to ensure the voice of the community is being put into action through a collaborative and transparent process (i.e. use the Feedback Snapshot to give the community transparency into the feedback we’re prioritizing for action). Features like ATC, Seasons, VR, Rotorcraft, SDK, etc. can be found in the Feedback Snapshot along with our current plan for next steps and timelines for resolution. The Feedback Snapshot will be released at regular intervals and we will announce the date for our first preview release in our next update.


  • 10.15 – Recruitment for Tech Alpha 1 ends. If you would like to sign up, please head into the Insider Area and fill out the survey.
  • 10.17 – Build release preparation begins. Insider acceptance confirmation communication begins and will run through 10.24.
  • 10.24 – Release Window Opens. We will begin granting access to the Tech Alpha build to Insiders that have received acceptance confirmation.


We are currently targeting mid/end November for our second build release (Tech Alpha 2). We expect to open recruitment for Tech Alpha 2 closer to the end of October but expect a final date in our 10.17 update.

DR Update and Episode 2 information coming next update.

Next update 10.17.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Team