Update voor Dash 8-Q400 van Majestic

Majestic heeft een update uitgebracht voor de Dash 8-Q400. Het betreft hier een stabiele versie van een betaversie. Er is een hele lijst aan aanpassingen en verbeteringen, die kun je allemaal hieronder vinden. De update kun je vinden door naar Support- User Area te gaan op de Homepage van Majestic software.

MJC8Q400 Version 1.017 PILOT edition patch for FSX and Prepar3D V2.x and FSX Steam

This patch must be installed over the MJC8Q400 pilot edition version 1.016

Fixed issues list since Version 1016 PILOT edition

+ Added ALT OFF mode on pitch wheel change during ALT mode
+ Changing pre-selected altitude in ALT Acquire mode will re-select ALTSEL and engage the PITCH mode

+ EGPWS: bank angle test will not be performed if already done prior to saving the situation
+ Main Gear: Included the blown tyre simulation and breaking alterations on hard touchdown
+ Pressurization: Opening emergency hatch will depressurize the aircraft
+ Pressurization: Bleed air packs will be able to provide the air to the other side air-condition units
+ Electrics: APU DC Gen Voltage reduced by 0.5V to simulate correct load
+ Electrics: STBY Battery will no longer disconnect from LEFT MAIN BUS during battery assisted engine start
+ Electrics: Fixed strobes and position lights working without power
+ Electrics: AUX PUMP will no longer be able to operate without AC power
+ Electrics: IAS Mismatch will cause Elevator Trim and Elevator Feel C/Ls to come on
+ MTOP button- an alternate function is implemented
+ ADC: ADC will restore the last qnh after test
+ Hydraulics: Normal braking and steering will no longer work without hydraulics
+ AFCS: AFCS mode Acquire flag in LNAV mode only comes when LNAV is engaged
+ Antiice: Fixed the airframe – boot inflation sequence on the wings step 3
+ Sound: Modified Engine sounds to make the Nh sound cone prop rpm dependent
+ Sound: Chime will only repeat after previous chime ended (Seat belts case)

+ Fixed the PVOR page
+ Added Crossfill progress indication
+ TUNE Page is fully re-designed
+ Holding will correctly terminate if PROCEED is allowed upon the next passing of the holding waypoint
+ Info page: Fixed the bug of forcing every waypoint to be of type NAV, added the correct waypoint type identification
+ ListAirways page: Fixed incorrect airway to waypoint designation
+ VNAVPage: Fixed VNAV offset functionality
+ VNAVPage: Target VS indication will be replaced with VS estimate with 45 seconds intervals during VNAV operation
+ VNAVPage: Fixed VNAV disconnect message on Cruise mode activation
+ FPLPage, FPLTemplate, LISTPage: each next fpl page will begin with the last waypoint from the previous page
+ FPLDepart, FPLArrive pages will show the last data. Added MENU function
+ FPLArrive: Cursor will move to approach select line after STAR is selected
+ FPL: Fixed the NO LINK indication
+ FPL: Manually entered altitude for waypoint will read as @
+ FPL: Disallow entering the altitude less than specified at waypoints with restriction @orAbove
+ FPL SUMMARY: Fixed local time calculation
+ Fuel Page 1: Changing average pax weight on fuel menu page will update pax total weight on fuel page 1
+ Fuel page 1: total reserve will show is all 3 (alternate, holding, reserve) exist (0 or more entered)
+ Fuel page 1: Default setting for Fuel entry is “total”

+ replaced Hydraulic STBY and PTU pushlights with newer versions
+ PFD: WPT alerts are magenta with inverse indication
+ PFD: Fixed AFCS warnings logic
+ PFD: Added DG AHRS mode annunciator
+ PFD: Altitude bug will turn to CYAN 300 feet from target altitude
+ PFD: Fixed the TCAS test IVSI indication
+ PFD: Barometric connection will default to 1013.25 (29.92In)
+ PFD: Flight Director is now centered inside the aircraft sign (not over it)
+ ND: FORMAT button will not reset the RANGE and DATA settings when alternating between MAP and ARC
+ ND: Color of the EGPWS elevation peaks will represent the color of the respective elevation
+ ED: Added AF TEST ABORTED message
+ ARCDU: Added timer to DIM/BRT function
+ ARCDU EXP and PG1/2 behavior fixed
+ ARCDU Removed ATC STBY setting from the ATC expanded page
+ ARCDU channel will switch to 1 after passing 8
+ Fixed manual pressure INC/DEC switch on the overhead panel, having opposite effect. Added spring-loaded function
+ Setting EFIS screens brightness to zero will not cause them to report a failure
+ Stby VHF panel: Fixed the fonts, implemented 888.88 indication on test
+ Gear horn switch left/right clicks for LEFT down, RIGHT up
+ Fixed tooltip on prop deice mode selector
+ Steering Caution Light is permanently off since we don’t simulate castoring properly
+ Aligned FMS screen with LSKs on FMS Popup

+ Added support for engine start during GSX add-on -assisted pushback
+ Setting MSFS Engine1 and Engine2 Mixture according to engine running flag for other add-ons

+ Included the new Control Panel guide version
+ Ssystem Description guide includes the FPL WIND function
+ Added the Performance manual
+ Sample Flight guide is updated

+ MS Windows 10 compatibility- related modifications

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