Vervolg: St Maarten voor X-Plane

Twee weken geleden kregen we de eerste screenshots te zien van ontwikkelaar Airworthy Designs. Inmiddels zijn er weer een reeks preview screenshots vrijgegeven welke te bekijken zijn via de onderstaande link. Naast de previews zien we nu ook een compleet overzicht van alle features die we kunnen verwachten. Dit zou wel eens een top scenery voor X-Plane 11 kunnen worden.

Preview screenshots Sint Maarten – Airworthy Designs

– airports and area of coverage :

  • st Maarten – TNCM
  • L’esperance – TFFG
  • Anguilla – TQPF
  • St Barthelemy TFFJ
  • Saba Island TNCE

Scenery HD mesh

  • airports runways slopes have been modified to match data found on various AIPs
  • Mesh around difficult approach areas will be handsculpted to get terrain slopes closer to reality (based on real topographic data)

Satellite coverage

  • For land areas the resolution is 50cm/px , areas surrounding the airport have been treated and manually upscaled up to 1cm/px and over 10.25px/cm for the airside of the airports
  • Water bodies also are rendered with satellite imagery this time only at 1m/px to save performance, water bodies will get coverage up to 5nm on the side of the approach

HD buildings

  • Structures on the vicinity contain more detail than the rest of building placements over the scenery
  • 4k textures and PBR shading for HD buildings as well as custom animations and night lighting
  • Custom Ambient Occlusion Shadows (ground shadows as well)

3d trees and 3d people

Custom ground traffic

  • covering the whole islands, no default roads only photoscenery roads will be used

– Custom Autogen

  • custom 3d buildings will cover the entirety of both st maarten and st barths

Custom sea traffic

  • from the smallest to the largest crusiers moving around the island

Custom HD static airplanes (ariliners only)

Custom animated airport traffic,

  • animated custom jetways and animated custom marshallers as well

Airport HD interiors for TNCM and TFFJ