X-Plane 11.20 Beta 5 uitgebracht

Laminar Research heeft een nieuwe Beta versie van X-Plane uitgebracht met versienummer 11.20(5). De nadruk in deze versie ligt op de ondersteuning van VR. Een volledig overzicht van de releasenotes is hier terug te lezen.

  • Fix blue rendering errors on orthophotos.
  • Fix overly aggressive carb ice.
  • Fix bad default material and dev assert in draped-only object with spurious ATTR_poly_os.
  • Map shows best ID we can find from a set of meta-data.
  • Fixed Xpad flying at the user if picked up with mouse.
  • XPD-8844, XPD-9101 We now properly call on_p0_loaded synthetically when the VR system is initialized after a plane has already been loaded.
  • XPD-8824, XPD-8924 Fixes views for shift-4 and shift-8.
  • XPD-8909 No G1000 in replay if it’s loaded after another flight.
  • XPD-8989 Flap Deflection Time DataRefs added.
  • XPD-9027 Master volume Dataref added.
  • XPD-9028, XPD-9117 Fixed various broken OBJ attributes and material bugs.
  • XPD-9075 Outside view in VR gives wrong pilots-head position.
  • XPD-9106 Fix for pnl_table not asking for VR keyboard support.
  • XPD-9107 Crash when using panel manipulators by hand and not with the VR laser.
  • XPD-9116 New APIs are:
    • XPLMSetWindowVrSize()
    • XPLMGetWindowVrSize()
  • XPD-9120 VR keyboard off center when picking failures from controller menu.