YourControles ”Shared Cockpit” v2.4.0 voor MSFS uitgekomen

Kan het nu allemaal nog realistischer met MSFS? Ja het kan! Nu is er het gratis ”Shared Cockpit” v2.4.0 voor MSFS te downloaden zodat je met je maatje de cockpit/taken kan delen net zoals in het echt. Met dank aan de makers ”THANKS!”. Hieronder alle info:

YourControls – Shared Cockpit for MSFS v2.4.0
YourControls is a program that allows multiple people to connect their simulators into a single shared flight deck.
It allows tasks to be distributed among crewmates, where one can fly the aircraft, while another handles the radios and autopilot.
Doing flights on VATSIM has never been more immersive.
I’m striving to sync every switch and button in as many aircraft as possible, with support for the A32NX and in the future, other mods. Restart the simulator after install. Please note: You must have the same navdata, airport scenery, and weather as the other people you’re flying with.
Go fairly slow with the avionics for long tasks (like inputting the flightplan) as it’s very easy to desync them. Aircraft currently supported:
FBW A32NX Stable
Dev Cessna 152 Cessna 172 G1000 DR400
Diamond DA40 Diamond DA62
Icon A5 Pitts TBM 930 XCub

… with many more to come Current known issues: * Autopilot flight director drifts on PM (workaround: before transferring controls, disable AP, then enable it after) * A32NX rattling sound while airborne * TBM/other GA planes full trim/elevator trim up – caused by “active pause” which this mod utilizes to sync position smoothly.

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