Aerosoft over de 64-bit toekomst

Op het forum van Aerosoft zien we met enige regelmaat updates verschijnen over de lopende projecten. Naar aanleiding van een vraag over de A330X release geeft Mathijs Kok van Aerosoft een interessante reactie die zeker de moeite waard is om eens goed door te lezen.
Let dan met name op het 64 bit gedeelte:


Gents, let me make a statement on the release schedule.
The statement is, I simply do not know.

The main reason for that is that the platforms are in flux at this moment. NDA’s prevent us from making a more detailed statement but it will surprise nobody when I say that a lot of the work we are doing right now is not aimed at 32 bit platforms. It is my personal belief (not shared by everybody in Aerosoft btw) that 32 bit sims will die very soon when we get 64 bit platforms to work with. X-Plane showed that without a doubt.

Will we release our Airbusses and CRJ for FSX:SP2, FSX:STEAM and P3d V3? Sure. No doubt about that, they will be as good as we can make them. Am I in a hurry to get them out while not not knowing what the dominant platform will be in 12 months time? Mwahhh…. of course I want these products to start selling as soon as feasible, but we need to explore these new platforms as fast as possible to be able to get products that you will buy in 2018.

And these explorations need to be done by our most experienced staff, the people now working on these aircraft. What we will NOT do however is rush something to market because the platform might fall out from under us. Aerosoft is a ‘big’ company. These aircraft projects are important  to use but they are just a small part of all the software we release. We do not need the money from them to stay afloat as is most certainly the case for some of our colleague publishers.

Every bit of the work that we do on the busses is aimed at creating a code base that we can build on. A code base that will make it easy for us to create a line of high quality Airbus add-ons that we can sell for a reasonable price. We very much follow the idea of Airbus Industries here, create the base and them make big and small aircraft all using the same code. That’s why Airbus calls it a family, something Boeing tries to do but never gets right.

Of course I got a release date in mind for the A330, A320/A321 and A318/A319 projects. But that date changes day by day and I am calling myself damned lucky to work with a team and a CEO that (most of the time) understands that.

What I can tell you is that things look great, not only for our products, but for the hobby as a whole.

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  1. Avatar Harald schreef:

    Ja, het is wel duidelijk dat de ontwikkelaars nu even terughoudend zijn …. aangezien zij nu niet teveel meer voor 32 bits gaan ontwikkelen..
    Dan 64 bits eraan komt is duidelijk….of er ook echte grote verschillen gaan zijn , moeten we afwachten…
    Ook onze hardware (pc) zal moeten meegroeien met deze nieuwe ontwikkelingen Sim-land…