Airport Enhancement Package

We kennen ze allemaal wel, die prachtige addons die wereldwijd de standaard vliegveld gebouwen en omgeving veranderen in mooiere exemplaren. Helaas is zo’n addon er niet voor X-plane V11+. Maar deze is gelukkig nu in de maak bij ontwikkelaar X-Codr Designs. Er zitten zelfs (eindelijk!) 3D bomen bij. Wanneer deze addon uitkomt en wat deze gaat kosten is nog onbekend. Hieronder leest en ziet u er alles over:


Hi Everyone,

I’m happy to announce the development of Airport Enhancement Package! Airport Enhancement Package (AEP) is a package designed to replace the majority of all default airport assets with higher resolution textures and more detailed models. In addition, AEP offers limited regionalization, certain key buildings and all vegetation will be adjusted based on the region to more accurately reflect the region. This package will greatly enhance realism and immersion at all default airports, and any 3rd party airports that rely on default airport assets.


  • Most individual airport buildings replaced with new ultra-detailed models
  • Most airport facades replaced with new ultra-detailed models
  • Most building models feature nearly 4 pixel per inch resolution and lite interiors
  • Most “clutter” models replaced with new realistic higher resolution models
  • Most default airport sim objects (beacons, taxi signs, etc) replaced with new higher resolution versions
  • Many ground vehicles replaced with higher resolution variants
  • All tree objects replaced with new realistic high performance 3d trees
  • All default pavement replaced with new realistic 4 pixel per inch resolution pavement
  • All default markings replaced with new UHD markings
  • All ground textures (except the non-polygon ground textures) and buildings feature accurate and realistic PBR Normal maps
  • All ground textures have been specially designed to minimize repetition, including use of large-scale decals and custom mip maps
  • All models feature advanced LOD technology to maximize detail while creating a minimal performance impact
  • Ground textures feature optional weather effects
  • Vegetation features optional seasonal effects
  • All models and textures are made to resemble the default models as closely as possible, so you see exactly what the author intended, except in a higher level of details and resolution.
  • Limited regionalization replaces certain models, textures, and vegetation to give different parts of the world a unique and realistic feel

What AEP Won’t do

This package replaces a huge number of assets and makes a huge difference in how default airports look, however, there are a few things that AEP will not do. I want to make these things clear just so that everyone knows exactly what AEP will and will not do in order to avoid people expecting something different.

  • AEP will not replace the old style terminals as they are being phased out; AEP will not replace Terminal Kit as Terminal Kit already looks fantastic
  • AEP will not replace the old style jetways as they are being phased out; AEP will not replace Jetway Kit as Jetway Kit already looks fantastic
  • AEP will not take a default airport that is 2d and make it 3d nor will it add extra objects to an airport. AEP replaces textures and objects, it does not add them.
  • AEP will only add normal maps/weather effects to polygon pavement, the pavement that is made placed via an apt.dat can not have these effects added by any addon unfortunately. If this changes in the future. AEP will quickly add this feature set to apt.dat pavement.


Over the past few years, there have been numerous addons that replace various default airport assets such as pavement and ground vehicles, MisterX’s AEHD, ALES, and Enhanced Runways to name a few. These addons, though not nearly as extensive as AEP, are used by many today. I’m happy to say that AEP will be 100% compatible with any of these addons. By putting them higher in the scenery_packs.ini and or by choosing not to overwrite the bitmaps you can choose to use the parts of those addons, and using AEP for the rest if you prefer their style of pavement for example.


When will AEP be available? AEP is a massive project, and while it has been under development for a couple months now, there is still much work to be done. So, in short, I don’t know when it will be completed and available.


Here are a bunch of screenshots of some of the work that has already been done. Keep in mind that AEP still has a ways to go, so there are quite a few assets in these pictures that are incomplete or not yet replaced. In addition, for the airport surrounding I am using ZL17 ortho along with SFD Global and US Forests in most areas, however, all airports are default. Of course, as development continues I will post tons more screenshots of progress. Also, if anyone has an airport they want to see with AEP, please post and I’d be more than happy to share some pictures of AEP there. I can’t wait to get AEP out for all to enjoy, but until, enjoy the previews!

Alaska Pavement 1.jpg

Unique worn out pavement in Alaska

Wyoming Pine Trees.jpg

In more northern areas default trees are replaced with high performance 3d pine trees

Palo Alto Parking Lot.jpg

Half Moon Bay Trees.jpg

Sacramento Dense Trees.jpg

In more moderate climates default trees are replaced with high performance 3d deciduous trees

Hawaii Trees.jpg

In tropical climates default trees are replaced with high performance 3d palm trees

Palo Alto Tarmac.jpg

Mammoth Runway.jpg

Gravel and PAPIs.jpg

All ground textures and sim objects, such as these PAPI lights are replaced with more detailed, high resolution variants

Big Bear Hangars.jpg

Hawaii Tower.jpg

Lincoln Tower.jpg

Sacramento Tower.jpg

Van Nuys Hangars.jpg

Van Nuys Tower.jpg

Virtually all default airport buildings will be replaced with higher resolution, more detailed versions with lite interiors.

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  1. Bram Stikkel schreef:

    Ziet er geweldig uit in al die screenshots.
    Enige uitzondering daarop vind ik persoonlijk de “Unique worn out pavement in Alaska”. MIsschien ziet het erg echt zo uit, hoor, maar het ziet er in mijn ogen uit als een herhalend patroon.
    Bij dit soort producten, is het altijd even de vraag, wat ze nou precies wel en niet vervangen. Maar ik moet toegeven, de ontwikkelaar doet zijn uiterste best om uit te leggen wat het product wel doet en wat het niet doet.

  2. Matthias schreef:

    Inderdaad Bram,

    Ik heb het ook even gecheckt na jouw reactie gelezen te hebben. Ik heb hem een pm gestuurd o.a. hierover.
    Hij ontvangt graag feedback.



    • Bram Stikkel schreef:

      O, leuk dat dat kan, zo’n direct contact met de ontwikkelaar.
      Bedankt voor je reactie.

  3. Matthias schreef:

    Hoi Bram,

    Inderdaad is het hardstikke fijn en handig als een ontwikkelaar actief en bereikbaar is op o.a. forums.

    fijn weekend!