Ben je er klaar voor?

Klaar voor het zware werk als helikoptervlieger? Nu kan het binnen X-Plane V11.50b4+. De gratis plugin ”Helicopter Sling Load 1.0.0” is namelijk uitgekomen en hier te downloaden. Leuk feitje, je kunt nu ook branden blussen met een zogenoemde helicopter bucket. U vind de plugin hier.Succes!


The plugin is filled with amazing features that make it a really advanced system for sling loading and external cargo.

  • Gravity:
    • Using the X-Plane dataref. Yes, it should also work on Mars.
    • Rope forces: The rope is considered an single mass oscillator.
    • Stretch forces.
    • Damping forces according to the speed the rope is stretching.
  • Air drag: The object is considered cuboid.
    • Object speed plus wind.
    • Air density depending on altitude and weather, using the X-Plane dataref.
    • CW value for each side of the cuboid.
    • Surface of each side.
    • Roll and pitch of the object are considered.
  • Water drag:
    • Same as the Air drag, except that the object is always upright as it hits the ground.
    • Air and water drag are weighted according to the water line. This means that the wind might move a floating object.
  • Water displacement:
    • Upward forces by the water displacement. If the object is lighter than water, it will swim.
    • Bambi buckets don’t swim and fill with water instantly, according to the water line.
  • Friction:
    • Static friction when the object is still on the solid ground.
    • Glide friction when the object is moving on the solid ground.
    • Damping by the operator: When lifting an object, the operators on winch or on the hook will usually try to stabilize the load. Otherwise the short rope would start hazardous oscillations.
    • Rope length where the operators start the stabilization.
    • Maximum force the operator may apply .
  • For 3rd party plugins:
    • Plugin may apply additional forces (e.g. to simulate ground operator).
    • Plugin may rotate the cargo.
  • Forces on the Helicopter:
    • Forces of the rope.
    • Momentum that is caused by the positioning of the winch

There are a few things missing, though and the author has listed them all as well:

  • Cargo rotation (except rotation by external plugin)
  • Rotor downwash
  • Ground impact:
    • When hitting the ground, the vertical speed is put to zero. No bouncing off the ground.
    • When hitting the ground, the object is always upright. No flipping over.
  • There is no momentum on the load. All forces apply in the CoG, which is considered at the rope
  • mounting point.
  • Bambi bucket limited water flow when dropped into water
  • Terrain steepness is not considered. For HSL the terrain is always flat.
  • Cargo maximum forces. Cargo never breaks, no matter how hard it hits the ground.
  • Full rope simulation, currently the rope is always straight.
  • Fire temperature increase of the surroundings
  • Fire turbulence simulation
  • Fire in replay
  • Load Profiles

Honestly, the amount of information about the plugin is so long that I really recommend you read it all at the download page and explore it.

This plugin was tested in X-Plane 11.50b4, using the Vulkan engine. In fact, it has some issues with the OpenGL version.

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  1. Bram Stikkel schreef:

    Wat een geweldige dingen kunnen sommige mensen toch programmeren! En dan ook nog freeware…

  2. Matthias schreef:

    Ja, gaaf he Bram, echt top! 🙂