Eindhoven Airport / EHEH voor MSFS beschikbaar

De maker achter de naam ”Spoorobjecten” heeft zijn plannen gewijzigd en biedt zijn Eindhoven Airport nu geheel gratis aan. Het is nog niet helemaal compleet maar zeker al de moeite waard om te downloaden. Prachtig! Onze dank gaat uit naar de maker!

About this file:

Eindhoven Airport is now available for everyone to download!

While the plan was to finish the whole airport first and offer it as Payware using the marketplace for around €4,99
Unfortunately my license for 3ds Max expired, and as those are rather expensive I’m currently saving up.

So not to hook you all up with my problems, I still want to give you guys Eindhoven Airport as freeware version, though any donations are greatly appreciated and will be used towards a new 3ds Max Indie license!







– This zip contains 2 folders, both are needed for this Airport.

– Make sure to delete other EHEH / Eindhoven Airport folders from your Community folder as this could cause issues (sorry to the other developers!)

– Eindhoven Airport currently includes arrival procedure for ILS 03 and 21 using both IPTAS and SOPVI as arrival route.

– Custom buildings are used, I’ve spent a lot of hours on creating these buildings from scratch to make them look as close to the real buildings as possible.
Please do not reuse or distribute these custom buildings in other packages or other forms.

– Pictures of the airport filled with real airliners are made within the SDK, the actual gameplay experience will not have these (sorry)

– There is still a lot of work to do, I’m well aware and will work on this whenever I have time.

Do feel free to let me know if there is something missing however. (i’m aware of missing apron bits and lines as well as the taxi signs)

– There is an apron texture issue at the start of runway 03, will fix that soon!


23-09-2020 – version 0.3

As mentioned, thank you for downloading the airport.

Please do share some screenshots, I would appreciate it!


In addition if you’re willing to help and donate, you can do so using the link below (Paypal).

The money will be used to buy a new 3ds Max license so I can continue with the rest of the airport 


Donations are greatly appreciated, please click here to go to the Paypal environment



3 Reacties

  1. Erik schreef:

    Tip: Installeer deze mod erbij: https://flightsim.to/file/710/eindhoven-scenery-pack Bevat een aantal herkenbare gebouwen in Eindhoven, waaronder het Philips Stadion, Evoluon en meer.

  2. Arthur schreef:

    Dankjewel voor de tip Erik.

    Ik heb 10 euro gedoneerd aan de maker. Wel sneu als je licentie verlopen is. Wie volgt?

  3. Tom schreef:

    Ik heb 15 euro gedoneerd. Prachtig scenery, ik hoop nog meer Nederlandse vliegvelden te zien die worden aangepast of nieuw worden gemaakt (vliegbasis Twente)