FlyByWire Simulations A32NX update voor MSFS

Freeware ontwikkelaar FlyByWire Simulations heeft hun A32NX mod voor MSFS een update gegeven. Deze download je hier. Lees verder voor de update info en hoe te installeren:

CHANGELOG A32NX version 0.2.0:


  • [ADIRS] Added ADIRS knob functionality
  • [ADIRS] Added ADIRS ALIGN light functionality
  • [ADIRS] IRS alignment affects PFD and MFD displays and indicators
  • [ADIRS] IRS alignment affects TAT and SAT indicators on lower ECAM
  • [ADIRS] IRS alignment time dependent on latitude
  • [ADIRS] IRS alignment time remaining displays on upper ECAM
  • [BRAKES] Brake gauge now properly reflects status of toe brakes and parking brakes
  • [CHRONO] Added basic chronometer functionality
  • [ECAM] Added full APU Bleed functionality to APU ECAM page
  • [ECAM] Added F/CTL ECAM page with support for elevator, aileron, and pitch trim movements
  • [ECAM] F/CTL ECAM reflects current ELAC and SEC status
  • [ECAM] Lower ECAM automatically switches to DOOR page when a door is opened
  • [ECAM] Lower ECAM automatically switches to APU page when APU master is switched on
  • [MFD] Added range change indicator to navigation display
  • [MFD] Added GPS status to navigation display
  • [MISC] PFD, MFD, and ECAM displays now present a self-test upon powering up
  • [MISC] PFD, MFD, ECAM, and MCDU displays no longer work only on battery – require external power or APU/engine generators
  • [MISC] Added seatbelt sign switch functionality
  • [MISC] Added no smoking sign switch functionality (full range of motion currently restricted)
  • [MISC] Added moveable dummy knobs for cockpit, fwd, and aft cabin air conditioning controls
  • [MISC] Added full (non-interactive) checklist
  • [SOUND] Added chimes for seatbelt and no smoking switches


  • [APU] APU start and flap logic adjusted
  • [APU] APU EGT is now adjusted for ambient temperature
  • [APU] Smoothened APU EGT curve
  • [APU] APU bleed now momentarily drops when bleed valve is opened
  • [BRAKES] Fixed accumulator pressure changing when on battery
  • [BRAKES] Autobrake is now off when starting cold-and-dark
  • [ECAM] APU gen arrow now only shows when APU connected to bus
  • [ECAM] APU ‘FLAP OPEN’ no longer displays instantly but reflects actual flap opening time
  • [ECAM] Bleed ECAM page implemented
  • [ECAM] Initializes on DOOR page instead of FUEL
  • [ELEC] Battery display is now always on and displays battery voltage instead of main bus voltage
  • [FCU] Altitude selection knob no longer requires explicit push/pull interaction to update new altitude target
  • [FCU] Increased size of managed mode indicators
  • [FCU] Adjusted alignment of altitude and vertical speed displays
  • [FMA] Corrected ‘1FD2’ to ‘1 FD 2’ on FMA
  • [FMA] Fixed ‘SPEED’ appearing whilst on the ground and A/THR requiring AP
  • [FMA] Fixed various issues with thrust modes appearing incorrectly
  • [FMA] Fixed thrust modes appearing when in GS or VS modes
  • [FMA] Fixed ‘SRS’ appearing as armed, fixed ‘SRS’ disengagement conditions
  • [FMA] ‘SPEED’ no longer appears with autopilot/auto-throttle disengaged
  • [FMA] ‘NAV’, ‘CLB’, and ‘DES’ no longer appear with flight directors disabled
  • [FMA] Fixed ‘SPEED’ and ‘MACH’ flickering at cruise
  • [FMA] Improved ‘OP DES’ and ‘OP CLB’ trigger logic
  • [FMA] Fixed ‘CLB’ and ‘DES’ appearing at incorrect times as well as on ground
  • [FMA] Fixed ‘NAV’ not appearing with AP disengaged
  • [FMA] Fixed ‘ALT’ in blue not appearing when changing altitudes
  • [FMA] Fixed ‘ROLLOUT’ appearing after leaving the runway
  • [FMA] Fixed ‘GS’ appearing with no FD’s active
  • [FMA] Fixed ‘A/THR’ appearing enabled on the ground
  • [FMA] Fixed ‘MACH’ appearing on the ground
  • [FMA] Fixed ‘SPEED’ and ‘MACH’ not appearing in some situations
  • [FMA] Fixed ‘THR LVR’ and ‘THR IDLE’ not appearing in some situations
  • [FMA] Decreased sensitivity for ‘THR CLB’ appearing on the FMA.
  • [FMA] Fixed ‘THR IDLE’ not appearing when descending
  • [FMA] Fixed ‘THR LVR’ appearing when in cruise phase
  • [FMA] Fixed ‘SPEED’ not appearing with AP off but A/THR on
  • [FMA] Fixed AP and FD FMA modes appearing green instead of white.
  • [FMA] Fixed ‘FINAL APP’, ‘LAND’, ‘FLARE’, ‘ROLLOUT’ appearing with FD off
  • [FMA] Fixed a situation where ‘SPEED’ wouldn’t appear
  • [FMA] Fixed ‘HDG’ appearing when on the ground
  • [FMA] Fixed ‘SINGLE’ and ‘DUAL’ not appearing on ILS approaches
  • [FMA] Fixed ‘CAT’ not appearing on FMA, improved logic to match ICAO criteria
  • [FMA] Corrected logic for engaging ILS categories
  • [FMA] Improved A/THR FMA modes logic.
  • [FMA] Improved logic for ‘CAT’ modes on ILS approaches
  • [FMA] Added support for ‘ALT G/S’ armed FMA mode
  • [FMA] Improved CAT logic on FMA
  • [LIGHTS] Brightness knobs for PFD, MFD, ECAM, FCU, and overhead panel are turned down when spawning cold-and-dark
  • [LIGHTS] Reduced ambient cockpit lighting
  • [LIGHTS] Change minimum brightness to 0 on all displays
  • [MISC] Improve phase change logic
  • [MISC] Change initial FLT states
  • [MISC] Fixed engine selector on crank when starting in-flight or on approach
  • [MFD] Adjusted look of wind arrow on navigation display
  • [PERF] Overpowered engine thrust reduced
  • [PERF] Fuel consumption improved
  • [TEXTURES] Adjusted textures for panels, pedestal, and cockpit decals
  • [TEXTURES] Adjusted colors on overhead panel


  • [LIGHTS] Taxi light no longer bleeds into cockpit
  • [SOUND] Removed 70ft and 60ft radio altimeter callouts
  • [SOUND] Removed overspeed voice warning (master warning chime will still play)




Step 1. Download the Stable build.
Step 2. Navigate to your game directory, then double click on the “Community” folder.
Default install directories:

Microsoft Store or Game Pass

C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_<RANDOMLETTERS>\LocalCache\Packages\Community


C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community

Boxed edition

C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\MSFSPackages\Community

Step 3. Copy and paste the “A32NX” folder from the zip file into your “Community” folder.

That’s it!



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  1. RC schreef:

    Very very nice. Als je de zibo gewend ben dan is de overstap naar een hele kale A320N van MSFS wel teleurstellend. Fijn dat dit project is gestart en het ziet er goed uit.