Heatblur Simulations en IndiaFoxtEcho brengen de Heatblur F-14 Tomcat naar MSFS!

Wat is dit Gaaf! Heatblur Simulations en IndiaFoxtEcho brengen de Heatblur F-14 Tomcat van DCS World naar MSFS! Dit is werkelijk de enige realistische F-14 Tomcat op de markt……………….. beter bestaat er gewoon niet binnen de wereld die flightsimulator heet.


Hieronder alle huidige info:

Heatblur Simulations and IndiaFoxtEcho are thrilled to announce the development of the F-14A & B Tomcat for the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform!

The DCS: F-14 has been praised for its exceptional level of realism and attention to detail, and together, we are excited to develop an F-14 for Microsoft Flight Simulator with much the same ethos. Whether you’re an experienced virtual pilot or just starting out, you’ll be able to experience the thrill of flying one of the most iconic aircraft in aviation history in an entirely new way across the globe.

The F-14 Tomcat is a legend in the world of aviation and we’re excited to give players the opportunity to take control of this incredible machine. From the advanced avionics to the powerful engines, we will strive to make the Flight Simulator rendition of the F-14 as authentic as possible. We’re excited to combine the best of two worlds: IndiaFoxtEcho’s experience in Flight Simulator and Heatblur’s experience in DCS, and believe that we can combine some of the very best across all simulation platforms. What better opportunity than a great new partnership to bring the iconic Tomcat into a simulator, where you can fly and enjoy its magnificence anywhere in the world.

The Flight Simulator version of the F-14 will focus on recreating the core flying aspects of the Tomcat such as accurate flight dynamics, core avionics and using its suite of navigational and other systems. Our teams will strive to bring you as many features as is possible on the Flight Simulator platform while maintaining the bar of quality and accuracy which you all expect.

“Our F-14 has been a labour of love for years, and bringing an authentic experience of this legendary aircraft to a broader audience is yet another step in our F-14 journey. Due to our ambitious internal DCS roadmap, partnering with IndiaFoxtEcho to bring our F-14 to the Flight Simulator platform was a slam-dunk, and knowing the IFE team’s passion for the F-14 matches our own, we enter a new comfortable and natural partnership. We’re super excited for this expansion of our F-14 and new opportunities it presents both to ourselves and the community!” – Heatblur Simulations

“Since the announcement of Microsoft Flight Simulator we have been willing to bring a state-of-the-art Tomcat to this platform, as we did, a long time ago, for previous iteration of this simulator and we have always been huge fans of the Heatblur DCS rendition.

We are very excited to cooperate with them and we are confident that working together with them we can create a detailed and realistic F-14 for MSFS.” – IndiaFoxtEcho

Stay tuned for more information as development progresses and we take steps to continue our Tomcat journey. The aircraft is currently neck deep in development and we expect it to be released later this year.

Thank you all for your support and excitement, and we look forward to once again sharing the cadillac-roomy F-14 cockpit in Asobo Studio’s wonderful sim with you all!


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  1. Arthur schreef:

    Gaaf zeg!

  2. Matthias schreef:

    Hoi Arthur,

    Jazeker, ikzelf ben ook echt benieuwd hoever zxe kunnen gaan ten opzichte van de DCS World versie.

    Ik verwacht dat het vooral een ”eyecatcher” zal gaan worden aangezien MSFS niet veel biedt wat betreft Wapensystemen.