Prepar3Dv4.5 HF3 uitgebracht

Vrij kort na de release van Prepar3Dv5 hebben de ontwikkelaars van Lockheed Martin ook een derde hotfix uitgebracht voor Prepar3Dv4.5 Deze hotfix brengt een aantal kleine verbeteringen. Het versienummer komt hiermee op v4.5.14.34698. Het changelog is hieronder te lezen. Om te updaten volsta je door de Client en de Content en optioneel de SDK bij te werken. Bekijk hiervoor ook onze handleiding.

Client Fixes and Improvements

  • Added support for the Varjo XR-1 Mixed Reality (MR) headset.
  • Fixed bug preventing gaze select cursor from appearing in some cases.
  • Ownship can now follow waypoints when using the ActivateWaypointsAction.
  • The ActivateWaypointsAction now correctly sets waypoint requested distance values.
  • Fixed bug preventing waypoint list data from being queried by the PDK when running SimDirector.
  • Fixed bug preventing Camera System PDK calls from accessing the latest interface version.
  • Improved DIS wildcard handling and fixed issue preventing entity types from corresponding correctly in some cases.
  • Fixed bug preventing preview windows from rendering in SimDirector in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where shared cockpit would lag with more than four players in a vehicle.
  • Fixed QueryService call for the IDISManagerv450 interface.
  • Fixed issue causing irregular movements on nested attached objects.
  • Fixed multichannel startup crash seen in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where sound would still be muted in some cases when leaving multiplayer UI screens.
  • Fixed wave animation issues when changing wind directions over the 0/360 degree boundary.
  • Slew is now enabled by default in multichannel.
  • Added a command line argument to launch Prepar3D directly into playing back a flight recording.
  • Fixed cases where certain objects would have irregular movements in recording playbacks.
  • Fixed issue preventing metallic occlusion properties from loading correctly.
  • Fixed crash seen when loading airports with no taxiway paths.
  • Fixed issue where scenario actions would not fire when starting directly into multiplayer.
  • Improved handling of near clip in VR.
  • Fixed issue where autopilot state would not load correctly in some cases.
  • Fixed issue causing incorrect pitch to be set when loading an uncompressed 32 bit DDS texture.
  • Added controls to emulate the mouse scroll wheel when using Gaze Selection in VR.
  • Added support for the Varjo XR-1 Mixed Reality (MR) headset.
  • Multichannel clients can now use direct IP autostart.
  • Fixed issue where scenario objects would not handle events correctly in multichannel.
  • Fixed crash when resetting structured scenarios in multichannel.

Content Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated several DISEntityTypes.xml entries to ensure each default object is unique.
  • Removed invalid FuelTruck object from DISEntityTypes.xml.
  • Fixed flap configuration for the F-35A.
  • Fixed issue with F-16 effects being added twice by removing effect file extensions in F-16 config entries.
  • Fixed minor issues in the Basics of Flight scenario.

SDK Fixes and Improvements

  • Added functionality to the PDK for Structured Scenario support for Mission Objectives, Goals and Flight Segments.
  • Added additional multiplayer PDK service functions.
  • Fixed TrafficToolbox dump airport list to correctly parse airspace types.
  • Fixed issue preventing ImageTool from loading certain DDS textures.
  • Fixed event ID filter for mouse inputs to allow custom ISimObject instance-based properties.
  • Added [ClampingOnGround] variables to SimObjects to prevent stationary vehicles from sliding in some cases.

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  1. Avatar Bram Stikkel schreef:

    O, dank jullie wel voor de melding van deze update. Ik zou hem gemist hebben…

  2. Avatar Bram Stikkel schreef:

    Gelukkig hebben ze ook de goede werking van die Varjo gegarandeerd…
    (€ 14.220,50) het blijft een product voor de professional, natuurlijk…