REX Weather Force Technical Update 1.2.0

REX heeft een technical update uitgebracht, zoals ze dat zelf omschrijven, voor hun Weather Force addon.
Er is een hele lijst aan verbeteringen en aanpassingen doorgevoerd. Lees hieronder welke aanpassingen er allemaal zijn.





FIXED – Multiple cloud layer decks now rendering properly.

FIXED – Registration process, to avoid having to re-enter registration criteria.

FIXED – Tightened weather synthesis grid to locate closer airports.

FIXED – Reduced thickness of low level overcast cloud layers.

FIXED – Increased font of METAR and TAF reports on main interface.

IMPROVED – Fog rendering when no clouds are reported in the METAR.

ADDED – Support for Pilot2ATC.

ADDED – Option to disable Aerosol synthesis during weather injection.

ADDED – 4 additional Dynamic Weather Presets: Blizzard, Thunderstorm, Rainy Day and Bob Ross Happy Clouds.



FIXED – Extremely cold temperatures a loft.

FIXED – Temperatures to match data from data models.

FIXED – .Net error 0xC000014B by updating to latest build of SimConnect.

FIXED – Range of weather search for live weather search and injection.

FIXED – Some favorite airports not being created due to improper characters.

FIXED – Registration errors to confirm data is valid.

FIXED – Clicking Favorite Airports causing weather reports during Weather Synthesis.

FIXED – Favorite Airports loading store airports on server.

FIXED – Favorite Airports refresh every 30 minutes.

ADDED – ICAO weather search show ICAO on top of rest of data surrounding the ICAO.

ADDED – Persistent weather data injection to help reduce Frame Rate hits during injection.

CHANGED – Weather presentation to show wind direction in degrees.

CHANGED – Dynamic Changing Weather Scenarios to Dynamic Weather Presets to make more sense.

CHANGED – Security protocol within the application.

REMOVED – Temperature, pressure, and wind controls from main injection so they will read as aircraft is in flight.



FIXED – Pressure, wind, and temperature measurements related to aircraft position in atmosphere.

FIXED – Improved grids for selecting airport data during weather injection.

FIXED – Registration process with missing profile data.

FIXED – Bug of missing data with function during static weather read.

FIXED – Checkerboard cloud patterns and transitions between cloud layers.

FIXED – User profile not loading during second load after initial registration.

FIXED – Temperature and dew point being same value on main weather interface.

FIXED – Ability to add a favorite airport.

FIXED – Selectable area of Favorite Airport banners.

FIXED – Upper-level winds and temperatures not changing when clicking a favorite airport.

FIXED – Cloud coverage.

FIXED – Pressure value being cut off from main interface.

FIXED – Optimized code to search for favorite airport on server end.

FIXED – Optimized code in pulling data for weather injection.

FIXED – Improper handling of Last Update date and time on main window.

FIXED – Issue with lightning to continue to show even when storms were not reported in the metar or remarks.

FIXED – Aircraft and weather point location accuracy points.

FIXED – Live Weather airport weather display accuracy.

ADDED – Decoupled winds and temperatures from many injections.

ADDED – Code to prevent a user from switching from Live to DCWS weather during open Weather Synthesis.

ADDED – Sections on application to help inform the user which weather mode they are in.

ADDED – Delete All Airports button to allow user to clear all favorite airports on client and server.

ADDED – Response of “No records found” when searching for an airport or specific weather condition.

IMPROVED – Frame rates during transitions.

IMPROVED – Weather search window data elements.

IMPROVED – Rendering of storm and general cloud structures

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  1. Tufaann schreef:

    Het is echt troep, ik raad niemand aan om hier je geld aan uit te geven.
    enorm veel fps drops met transitions zelfs met aerosol disabled. (heb een 10700k & 2070s met 32GB ram)

    Unreal Weather is gratis en doet het nog beter ook.